Mission Pie is a for-profit business that cares about fairness. We feel successful when a colleague finishes a work-day inspired and gratified, when a vendor says their business is healthier for working with us, or when a customer comments on the generosity of their experience at Mission Pie. We want your visit to delight your senses, and to leave you well-nourished and with a deeper understanding of the food on your plate. We invite you to discover the flavors in our seasonal menu, and the example of a thriving for-profit business that contributes to its community’s health through action and example.



Mission Pie was founded in 2007 with the belief that locally owned financially healthy businesses contribute social and economic health and nourishment to our communities.

These have always been Mission Pie's priorities:

We offer delicious food made from the highest quality ingredients at an every-day price so that more people have access to good food, every meal, every day. We hope to inspire our customers to explore new flavors at Mission Pie and in their own cooking. We look forward to seeing our regulars and meeting new customers every day.


Mission Pie has cultivated a space for neighbors and visitors to gather, share and learn. We are a favorite spot for shared meals, friend and work meetings, time with family. We host lively conversation and quiet contemplative drawing, reading and writing, and fun and games, and we don’t have wifi. Mission Pie celebrates our creative community by hosting local musicians, a rotation of artwork, and community events. Check our blog and follow us to get the latest news.

Our workplace emphasizes respect, equitable work-share, transparency and fairness. We extend the same spirit to our vendor relations. We celebrate regional agriculture through our sweet and savory menus by highlighting the bounty and diversity of California farm products and producers. We value the mutual trust that has grown through working with many of the same distributors, growers and ranchers since we opened in 2007.

Mission Pie collaborates with non profit agencies that reduce barriers to employment by hosting their clients as interns. Interns gain transferable job skills while working with our team and are better positioned to compete in the job market. At the same time, our staff develop mentorship and leadership skills.



KRYSTIN RUBIN is a career baker turned cook. After more than 10 years baking and bakery-owning in Boston and New York, Krystin was drawn to CA to get closer to agriculture. She developed our pie bakery programs and in the last two years has taken the helm of our savory menu and is, for the record, crushing it. Krystin is executive chef, co-owner and house jar-opener.

KAREN HEISLER is a San Francisco native and has been a neon sign-maker, environmental regulator and founder of a farm-based non-profit. She has encyclopedic knowledge of regional agriculture, the ambition of three people combined and has made, fixed or designed nearly everything you see at Mission Pie. Karen is co-owner, operations and business manager and chief baby-holder.

Everybody who works at Mission Pie is an essential piece of its success and its magic. We wouldn’t be here every day if our diverse array of loving and loyal customers didn’t meet us at the door.