What Sauces, Dressings, and Dips Go with Broccoli?

This is a small piece of broccoli dipped in cheese sauce.

I love broccoli because it’s a super versatile food and can be eaten in many different ways. However, pairing it with the right ingredients can be tricky. Sometimes, a basic dip or condiment makes all the difference, and I’m always looking for more options.

So what sauces, dressing, and dips go with broccoli?

Broccoli goes with a wide variety of sauces such as mustard, mayonnaise, soy, and horseradish. It goes with dips such as pesto, cheese, guacamole, hummus, and dressings like ranch, honey mustard, garlic, and lemon sauce are ideal with broccoli. They are best for broccoli salads and dipping.

Let us look at a list of some sauces, dressings, and dips that best complement broccoli.

Broccoli with Ranch Dressing

Ranch dressing is one of the most common condiments most people enjoy with broccoli, especially in broccoli salads. When you serve raw or steamed broccoli and veggies with a dip, ranch dressing is a deliciously creamy and sweet tangy addition to the bland veggie.

Here are some recipes to try:

Broccoli with Mustard Sauce

The yellow mustard sauce has become the new trendy dipping sauce for veggies over recent times. It is tangy and creamy with your raw veggies. It adds an interesting yet yummy depth in taste to your broccoli.

Here are some recipes to try:

Broccoli with Honey Mustard Dressing

The honey mustard dressing is made with mustard, typically Dijon mustard, and therefore also adds a tart flavor when you eat it with broccoli. It is an excellent option for your broccoli salads.

Here are some recipes to try:

Broccoli with Soy Sauce

Soy sauce comes in various flavors such as sour, salty, and sweet tangy—the perfect option for adding to your broccoli stir-fries and over broccoli rice bowls for added flavor.

Here are some recipes to try:

Broccoli with Pesto

While you can make pesto with broccoli itself, steamed or roasted broccoli dipped in basil, coriander, or any regular pesto gives your broccoli a whole different taste. You can even flavor your broccoli rice bowls and broccoli pasta with pesto.

Here are some recipes to try:

Broccoli with Cheese Dip

Cheese makes everything taste better, especially a bland grassy veggie such as broccoli. You can make a cheese sauce and pour it over broccoli for a different way to eat broccoli or use it as a dip for your veggie plate with broccoli.

Here are some recipes to try:

Broccoli with Guacamole Dip

You can’t have too much guacamole. It adds extra nutrition from the onions and tomatoes into your diet and gives you added protein and healthy fats depth in flavor for dipping your broccoli.

Here are some recipes to try:

Broccoli with Asian Garlic Sauce

Garlic adds so much flavor to your food dishes. A garlic sauce is a fantastic dressing for your broccoli salads and dishes with chicken, steak, and tofu that have broccoli.

Here are some recipes to try:

Broccoli with Hummus Dip

Hummus is known all over the world for dipping veggies and spreading them in veggie wraps. Its unique flavor, creaminess, and texture work wonderfully with roasted, steamed, and even raw broccoli.

Here are some recipes to try:

 Broccoli with Tahini Dressing

Tahini dressing is another creamy and sometimes tangy flavored addition for broccoli salads or stir-fries. If you are looking for a unique way to eat broccoli with flavor variety, tahini dressing is the way to go.

Here are some recipes to try:

Broccoli with Lemon-Based Dressing

The lemon-based dressing comes in so many forms. You can make it with ginger, garlic, chili flakes, and so many other ways to pour over your broccoli salads, roasted broccoli, stir-fries, and broccoli rice bowls.

For someone who doesn’t like the taste of broccoli, you can use a tart lemon-based dressing to alter to flavor and still enjoy the nutrition factor.

Here are some recipes to try:

Broccoli with Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is often the base for many dressing recipes. Its creaminess and tart flavor on the palette helps you enjoy the blandness and grassiness of broccoli. You can also use it plain as a broccoli dip if you love mayonnaise as is.

Here are some recipes to try:

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Broccoli with Tzatziki Dip

Tzatziki is a dip made with yogurt (often full-fat or Greek yogurt) and cucumber that majorly complements broccoli in such a light, fresh and simple way. It is a must-add for your broccoli veggie plates.

Here are some recipes to try:

Broccoli with Horseradish Sauce

Horseradish sauce is unique and differs from most other condiments with its intense, spicy taste. You can add a little vinegar to reduce the intensity of its strength, but it works well with broccoli for building-up flavor.

Here are some recipes to try:

Broccoli with Garlic Dip

Garlic dip is sometimes confused with garlic sauce. While the garlic impression is the same in both condiments, a garlic dip can often be much thicker, and you can easily make it at home. It goes best with raw or steamed or roasted broccoli on your veggie plate.

Here are some recipes to try:

Broccoli with Barbeque Sauce

Barbeque sauce is another fan favorite for several foods. It is versatile, and you can eat it in so many ways. But using it with broccoli gives it a whole new meaning.

You can season your broccoli with it for a meaty flavor, you can add it to your broccoli and meat or chicken dishes, and you can even dip your broccoli in it.

Here are some recipes to try:

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