What Rice Goes with Broccoli?

This is a bowl of cooked rice topped with pieces of broccoli on a table.

Broccoli has, over time, become a favorite vegetable in the green veg category. It is healthy, wholesome, can be eaten in various ways, with several foods, including rice. But sometimes, getting a suitable rice dish makes all the difference. So, what rice goes best with broccoli?

Broccoli goes with just about any rice dish, such as stir fry, rice, and curry, savory rice, spicy rice, or protein rice bowls. It can complement the rice and also be the star of the dish. Broccoli adds color, texture, flavor, and nutrition to rice. Broccoli also works well with all types of rice.

It doesn’t matter if you use white or brown rice, red or wild rice, or even cauliflower rice. The flavor and ingredients of your dish are what will depend on blending correctly with broccoli or not. Additionally, broccoli doesn’t have to be an ingredient in the rice dish because eating on the side works just as well.

Broccoli complements any rice since rice can sometimes be plain and boring. Let us take a look at some deliciously popular rice dishes that gel well with the infamous green broccoli.

Broccoli Pesto Rice

Broccoli pesto added to rice as a sauce for fried rice or rice bowls turns your plain old rice into a whole new flavorful meal. Rice takes on any flavor or spice added to it. Broccoli pesto can change the concept of a rice meal in terms of added flavor. You can enjoy broccoli pesto rice by itself knowing you are getting your greens – it’s perfect for picky eaters too!

Here are some broccoli pesto rice recipes to try:

Broccoli Rice Stir Fry

Rice stir fry is always good. But if you want to get the most nutrition, get your greens in, and have a delicious flavor, broccoli with your rice stir fry is the way to go. Broccoli generally goes well with any stir fry, but there’s something about plain old rice that allows a meal transformation when it is combined.

Here are some broccoli rice stir-fry recipes to try:

Broccoli Egg Fried Rice

Broccoli egg fried rice is similar to rice stir fry. But you can turn your ordinary rice leftovers into a wholesome meal with protein and veggies by scrambling an egg and tossing in some steamed broccoli. It is simple ingredients that blend well together and give you a filling meal.

Here are some broccoli egg fried rice recipes to try:

Cheesy Broccoli Rice

You might be confused or wary about adding cheese to rice and broccoli. But making a casserole by layering your rice, broccoli and spreading some cheese will convert you. The cheese melts into the dish and binds the rice and broccoli even better than it would generally be.

Here are some cheesy broccoli rice recipes to try:

Broccoli Rice Casserole

A broccoli rice casserole turns your regular rice and broccoli combo into a luxury, comforting meal. Any additional veggies and sauce of choice will go well with this, and it still leaves the rice and broccoli as the star of the show.

Here are some broccoli rice casserole recipes to try:

Teriyaki Chicken and Broccoli Rice Bowl

Teriyaki chicken rice bowls are pretty famous and a chosen favorite. But eating this rice dish with broccoli added gives it even more wholesome heartiness and gets you extra nutrition from your meal.

Here are some teriyaki chicken and broccoli rice bowl recipes to try:

Sweet and Spicy Broccoli Over Rice

Rice goes with broccoli on any day, in any meal. You can transform even your plain, flavorless white rice into a meal like this by adding some sweet and spicy flavored fried or cooked broccoli. You won’t go back once you try it.

Here are some sweet and spicy broccoli over rice recipes to try:

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Broccoli Curry Over Rice

If you are looking for more intense ways to eat rice and broccoli together, you can turn your healthy broccoli into comfort food by making a curry out of it. The best part is that you will still retain healthiness. Pouring a spoonful (or two!) of creamy broccoli curry over a serving of rice will bring a whole new meaning to your regular broccoli and rice dishes.

Here are some broccoli curry over rice recipes to try:

Broccoli and Rice Buddha Bowls

Buddha bowls may sound like the new trendy thing to do, but this is what gives you both comfort, wholesomeness, and healthy nutrition in a serving of food. There are several variations to it, but of course, broccoli is the ideal must-add veggie because almost nothing suits a rice bowl better than some mini green trees!

Here are some broccoli and rice buddha bowl recipes to try:

Broccoli and Rice Salad

No food list is complete without a salad. A rice salad is not typical in many cuisines, but it is one of the best ways to eat your rice cold – perfect for packed lunches and picnics. Broccoli goes incredibly well in a creamy rice salad, and they complement each other in the best way.

Here are some broccoli and rice salad recipes to try:

Cauliflower Rice and Broccoli Casserole

Regular rice types are not the only kind to eat with broccoli, but cauliflower rice – a healthier alternative or change-up works just as well.

You can make cauliflower rice and use it the same way as regular rice for any dish with broccoli. A casserole is undoubtedly favored because the textures bind perfectly and add extra sensation to your palette.

Here are some cauliflower rice and broccoli casserole recipes to try:

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