What Protein Goes with Broccoli?

These are various sources of protein including broccoli on a table.

Broccoli itself is a vegetable that contains high protein. However, we don’t always eat enough of it, so our bodies can still lack protein per meal. Adding different protein foods is essential, but it is worth knowing what protein goes with broccoli.

Protein foods from animals such as meat and poultry and plant foods like lentils, red beans, and other veggies are excellent with broccoli. Adding suitable protein sources to broccoli ensures you get the required nutrition per meal while adding depth, flavor, and texture variety to the food.

Since broccoli contains high protein, you don’t have to add any more, but if you are looking for additional protein sources or want to add variety to your meals, it’s good to know what proteins go well with broccoli.

You can add broccoli to the protein food’s ingredient list and eat it as a side dish. Let us take a look at some recipes with protein foods that pair well with broccoli:

Beef with Broccoli

There are so many types of beef that go perfectly with broccoli, such as fillet strip steak, sirloin cuts, roast cuts, rib cuts, and various others that come from fully grown cattle. It is commonly known as red meat, which contains good protein and pairs well with broccoli.

Here are some beef with broccoli recipes to try:

Lamb with Broccoli

Lamb is also considered red meat with high protein. Most foods made with lamb are mutton stew, leg of lamb, and chops, which are all tasty with broccoli in their recipe options or on the side.

Here are some recipes to try:

Pork with Broccoli

Pork is also another red meat on the list, containing reasonable amounts of protein. You can make several recipes with pork and broccoli, such as stir fry, rice bowls, and roast dishes.

Here are some pork with broccoli recipes to try:

Seafood (Shrimp, Fish, Salmon) with Broccoli

Seafood has a wide range of protein options that pair perfectly with broccoli and even improve the flavor of the combination. Seafood protein such as most fish, shrimp, and salmon are excellent options to go with broccoli dishes.

Here are some seafood with broccoli recipes to try:

Eggs with Broccoli

Eggs are known as one of the best sources of poultry protein. Because you can cook eggs in various ways, there are unlimited recipes such as egg fried rice, egg cups, omelets, etc., where you can combine eggs and broccoli in a meal.

Here are some recipes to try:

Chicken Breast with Broccoli

Chicken breast contains higher protein from poultry than the softer bone cuts. You can use chicken breast as a protein addition with broccoli in pasta, stir-fries, casseroles, soup, curries, and much more.

Here are some chicken breast with broccoli recipes to try:

Cottage Cheese with Broccoli

Many people are not aware cheese contains reasonable amounts of protein – cottage cheese in specific is pretty high in protein. Cottage cheese makes for a great veggie (broccoli) dip, and you can also use it in casseroles and pasta dishes with broccoli.

Here are some cottage cheese with broccoli recipes to try:

Lentils with Broccoli

Lentils are one of the plant-based eaters’ favorite protein sources. They contain pretty high amounts of protein, and you can make various recipes with them, such as soups, curries, flatbreads, wraps, etc. Broccoli goes well directly in some of the recipes and as a side for some.

Here are some lentils with broccoli recipes to try:

Red Kidney Beans with Broccoli

Red Kidney beans are another plan-based high protein source that pairs well with broccoli when incorporated in salads, wraps, chili, and even red bean curry. You can even make red bean burger patties and slip some blended broccoli into there for your picky eaters.

Here are some red beans with broccoli recipes to try:

Hummus with Broccoli

Hummus contains high protein from chickpeas and tahini, which is used to make the hummus. It is a tasty plant-based protein source that you can use to dip your broccoli and other veggies. It also goes well in wraps with broccoli, and you can even make broccoli hummus!

Here are some hummus with broccoli recipes to try:

Chickpeas with Broccoli

Hummus gets most of its protein from chickpeas, but you can have the chickpeas directly in salads, curries, and several other recipes alongside broccoli for another plant-based protein source.

A fantastic way to pair chickpeas with broccoli is in buddha rice bowls, where the seasoning marinate into a delicious flavor, and the textures seem to complement each other naturally.

Here are some hummus with broccoli recipes to try:

Baked Beans with Broccoli

Baked beans, like red beans, contain reasonable amounts of plant-based protein.

Baked beans with broccoli on the side is a perfect combo to amp up your green veg intake. You can add the broccoli to mixed, baked veggies or in a salad to have alongside baked beans. It turns your plain cheap dinner into a 4-star meal.

Here are some baked beans with broccoli recipes to try:

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Here is a recipe of one of my favorite ways to eat bakes beans with broccoli:

Almond Nuts with Broccoli

If you didn’t know before, you know now that almonds are an excellent source of protein.

There are not only a few ways to add almonds with broccoli, unlike the other proteins. Regardless, almonds are delicious with broccoli paired correctly and are a fun change-up from regular protein dishes. You can also toss them in broccoli salads and stir-fries.

Here are some almond nuts with broccoli recipes to try:

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