What Other Veg Goes with Broccoli?

A piece of broccoli with several other vegetables on a table.

Broccoli is a high nutritional content green vegetable, and it is versatile to eat in several different recipes mixed with animal-based protein and independently.

But to get well-rounded nutritional value plus variety, I find it is necessary to mix it up with other veggies. So what other veg goes with broccoli?

Broccoli blends well with various other vegetables. It can go with carrots, asparagus, cauliflower, potatoes, brussels sprouts, mushrooms, spinach, zucchini, butternut, pumpkin, onions, kale, and several more veggies that will complement the broccoli in flavor, texture, and nutrition.

If you want to spruce up your broccoli and add variety to your meals while making sure you get your five a day, then check out this list of vegetables that go well with broccoli.

Asparagus with Broccoli

Asparagus goes well with broccoli because they are similar in concept with their green veg benefits and grassy taste. They also accept identical seasonings. They are fantastic together as a side dish or blended in soups.

Here are some recipes to try:

Cauliflower with Broccoli

Cauliflower is one of the most common veggies paired with broccoli. It might be because they come from the same Brassicaceae family, but more so because they complement several other dishes together.

Here are some recipes to try:

Carrots with Broccoli

Carrots, like cauliflower, are pretty commonly paired with broccoli. Carrots have a very different texture to broccoli, and while broccoli is on the bland side, carrots are typically sweet veg. Their opposites are what allow them to blend well together and complement several other foods.

Here are some recipes to try:

Mushrooms with Broccoli

Mushrooms are a fun vegetable that pairs well with so many vegetables and recipes. They offer an incredible flavor from their juices and their texture. The soft rubber texture of mushrooms and crunchy, more complex texture of broccoli allows them to complement each other well.

Here are some recipes to try:

Bell Peppers with Broccoli

Bell peppers are the perfect addition to broccoli stir-fries, pasta, and mixed veg dishes. They add flavor, color, and variety to your food. The little bit of sweetness and strength from the different colored peppers make up for the blandness in broccoli.

Here are some recipes to try:

Brussel Sprouts with Broccoli

Brussels sprouts are another vegetable that goes well with broccoli in stir-fries or seasoned with some salt, pepper, and tart base like vinegar or lemon juice. It accepts similar seasoning and adds flavor to broccoli.

Here are some recipes to try:

Sweet Potatoes with Broccoli

Sweet potatoes complement broccoli because they are soft and sweet, which is opposite to broccoli. Sweet potatoes and broccoli together are the perfect addition to mixed roasted veggies.

Here are some recipes to try:

Potatoes with Broccoli

Potatoes, like sweet potatoes, work well with broccoli in several recipes like rice bowls, stir fry, and even roasted together. Potatoes complement broccoli with their contrasting texture and absorb flavor that passes on to the broccoli.

Here are some recipes to try:

Green Beans with Broccoli

Green beans are excellent with broccoli. Apart from being green, they accept the same seasonings and go well together in noodles like ramen. Green beans also complement broccoli in its contrasting texture if you cook it soft.

On the other hand, if you leave them crunchy, they can offer similar consistency to the dish.

Here are some recipes to try:

Kale with Broccoli

Kale and broccoli are similar in nutrition. They are both a part of the green veg family. But they are entirely different in concepts since kale is a green leafy vegetable.

They go well together in almost any such as Asian stir fry noodles, soup, dips, salads, and several other dishes.

Here are some recipes to try:

Spinach with Broccoli

Spinach works well with broccoli in the same way that kale does. Spinach is also a leafy green vegetable and works well with broccoli in stir-fries, soups, dips, salads, and other dishes.

Here are some recipes to try:

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Onions with Broccoli

Onions go with broccoli in salads, stir-fries, and in several dishes where sometimes onions are not visible such as curries and dips. Onions complement broccoli with its intense flavor of strength, sweetness, and ability to disintegrate when sautéed for specific recipes.

Here are some recipes to try:

Radish with Broccoli

Radish is a fun vegetable to add to broccoli salads, roast, and casseroles. It has a unique flavor that rubs off onto broccoli which other veggies don’t provide. Together, they also complement proteins like meat, chicken, and seafood.

Here are some recipes to try:

Zucchini with Broccoli

Zucchini goes with broccoli in veggies patties, roasted veggies, casseroles, and stir-fries. They are also delicious with parmesan cheese.  Zucchini is also known as fruit from its origin, but we added it here because you can cook and eat it as a vegetable that works super well with broccoli.

Here are some recipes to try:

Butternut with Broccoli

The sweetness from butternut and its ability to be cooked soft or roasted crispy is why it works so well with broccoli. Its contrasting color, texture, and taste allow you to cook it with broccoli in various dishes such as casseroles, rice bowls, and baked vegetables.

Here are some recipes to try:

Pumpkin with Broccoli

Pumpkin also works well with broccoli in the same way that butternut does. Pumpkin and butternut are closely similar in all aspects and therefore complement broccoli in many dishes.

Here are some recipes to try:

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