What Kind of Bread Goes with Broccoli Cheese Soup?

This is a bowl of broccoli cheese soup with a side of bread.

With long cold nights approaching, and the cold setting in, all we can think about is delicious warm, comforting foods. Soup is always a perfect fall meal, and broccoli cheese soup is cheesy, creamy, and moreish.

When it comes to sides with soup, you may wonder what’s the best choice and which breads pair well with the flavors of broccoli and cheese.

When choosing bread to serve with broccoli cheese soup, find one that suits the rich flavor combinations. Buttery garlic rolls with frankfurters pack extra protein, while those on low-carb diets may choose keto sourdough options. Dark rye bread like pumpernickel pairs well with creamy soups.

Who doesn’t love to tuck into a hearty bowl of warm, nutritious soup – especially when you can dip a delicious slice of bread in to soak up every bite? You don’t have to limit yourself to regular sliced white bread; try some of these great suggestions below to add extra flavor and heartiness to your meal.

And if you’re trying to keep low-carb, I’ll have some ideas for bread you can eat with your broccoli cheese soup.

What Kind of Bread Goes with Broccoli Cheese Soup?

The obvious answer is any bread will be a great side for soup, but when you think of the rich cheesy creaminess of broccoli soup, you may want to consider a bread with a little more heft to it.

Whether you prefer your bread to be airy and light and practically dissolve into your soup or want bread that’s dense and chewy, there’s an option that you’ll love.

From garlicky baguettes to dense rye bread, you can’t go wrong, but you can kick it up a notch by swapping plain bread for filled cheesy sandwiches or even tortilla wraps with turkey.

If you’re getting bored with eating plain bread as a side with your soup, don’t be afraid to experiment a little, especially if you’re looking for a way to add more protein to your diet.

An easy option that requires little time is rolling up frankfurters or another sausage in slices of buttered white sandwich bread and toasting them to serve as sides.

Broccoli cheese soup is a pretty easy meal to make and usually takes less than an hour to prepare. It’s the perfect homemade dish with many vegetables and some good fats with protein from the cheese.

Before we get into the best bread to serve with your soup, here’s a Preppy Kitchen video on how to make a quick and heavenly broccoli cheese soup that will entice even the most reluctant eaters on those cold days.

Now that you have a great, simple recipe to follow with clear instructions, let’s look at your bread options.

Serving Broccoli Cheese Soup in a Bread Bowl

The French have a bread called a boule, which essentially translates to the ball. If you see this lovely round bread, what about making a bowl out of your boule? Bread bowls for soup are not a new invention; they’ve been used to serve thick soups and stews like chowders for hundreds of years.

Bread bowls are only suitable for thick soups like broccoli cheese because thin soups will make the bowl too soggy.

Using a large round loaf, cut off the top (which you can save as a lid), and then remove most of the interior bread, which you can save for other recipes. Some people like to toast their bread before ladling the soup in, so the choice is yours.

When serving soup to small children, you don’t even need to use anything larger than a Kaiser roll.

Handle the Heat has an easy-to-follow video showing how to make your own bread bowls from scratch.

Kid-friendly Bread to Go with Broccoli Cheese Soup

When cooking for children, you may want to tempt their tastebuds with some cute, finger food bread. As mentioned above, mini bread bowls made from rolls are ideal, but other options include garlicky hotdog rolls.

They are easily made by hollowing out a small baguette, inserting a hotdog sausage, topping the roll with some butter, garlic, and cheese, and toasting in the oven for a few minutes.

Kristy Norrel at 12Tomatoes has the perfect garlic bread hot dog recipe for enticing young ones (and old!) to dip into their soup.

Rye Bread with Broccoli Cheese Soup

There’s nothing quite like the filling, satisfying chew of good, thick rye bread for a more grown-up palate. Made with more rye flour than wheat, rye bread can range from caramel to a dark, rich brown. 

This delicious, dense bread is higher in fiber than wheat bread, and the darker it is, the higher the rye to wheat ratio.

Although rye bread is equal in carbohydrates to the equivalent in wheat bread, the higher fiber content makes it a better option for people who need to watch their insulin response. If you’re looking for bread with a lower glycemic index, then rye bread is an excellent choice as bread for soups.

It is densely textured with a rich, malted molasses flavor, and it’s no surprise that rye-style bread is so popular in many European countries.

Here’s a classic Danish Rye bread recipe from FoodGeek that uses very little wheat:

What Low Carb Bread Go with Broccoli Cheese Soup?

If, for dietary or diabetic health reasons, you need to keep your carb count low, you might be weeping at all this delicious bread that you’re not able to eat. These days keto-style bread is readily available in many U.S. supermarkets, so you will be able to find a suitable bread replacement for your broccoli cheese soup.

Low-carb bread is usually made so that the higher fiber and nut flour content lowers the net crab count to avoid spiking insulin.

While this does mean low-carb bread won’t taste exactly like regular bread, there are still some fantastic options available which means you don’t have to miss out.

If you’re worried about the taste, some well-known and highly recommended low-carb bread are:

  • Ezekiel Bread
  • Paleo Almond Bread
  • BFree Brown Seed Sandwich Loaf

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When it comes to broccoli cheese soup and bread, garlic is king — garlicky breadsticks, baguettes filled with garlic butter, and toasted all go so well with the decadent creaminess of a cheese-based soup.

A fun way to serve broccoli cheese soup is in a bread bowl, but if you’re trying to avoid white bread, dark, malty ryes are excellent with thick winter soups. If you’re growing bored with bread as a side, mix it up by playing with fillings and bread types – make sandwiches, hotdogs, or wraps to go with your soup.


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