What Fruit Goes With Raspberries?

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Raspberries can give any food a sweet and savory flavor. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snacks are all possibilities. There are a plethora of raspberry recipes to choose from, as well as a plethora of flavor.

However, you may find yourself scratching your head in front of the spice cupboard, unsure of what would give your food that right flavor boost. We’ve been to all corners of the globe in search of the best berry taste pairings! Many diverse flavors can be utilized to complement raspberry; the choices are endless. So, the next time you’re stuck in the kitchen, go to the advice below for assistance.

Raspberry and Orange: The flavors of oranges and raspberries go well together. Frozen raspberries, surprisingly, have a richer red color and more flavor than fresh raspberries. You can combine raspberries and oranges to make some fun dishes like raspberry orange sunrises, orange raspberry-ade and raspberry orange smoothie. Try the recipes shared below:

Raspberry and Banana: Raspberry and banana pair well together. You’ll mostly find the two fruits together in a smoothie. You can also combine other fruits like strawberry and blackberry in the smoothie to add more flavor. Try the recipes below to make the best use of raspberry and banana.

Raspberry and Apple: Apple is one of the healthiest fruits out there. They are rich in fiber, which helps digestion. Apples are also filled with antioxidants which can help prevent cancer. Raspberry can be used together with this healthy fruit to magnify its health benefits. Raspberries provide potassium and help manage blood pressure. You can use raspberry and apple together in a crumble, apple and raspberry crisp, and raspberry and apple smoothie.  Give the recipes given below a try, and you won’t be disappointed.

Raspberry and Blueberry: Berries high in flavonoid content, such as raspberries and blueberries, are a crucial component of a cancer-prevention diet. According to a review published in Antioxidants in October 2016, berries are shown to help protect against breast, gastrointestinal, liver, pancreatic prostate, and lung cancers.

If you want to make use of raspberry and blueberry in a single dish, try making a blueberry raspberry smoothie, raspberry and blackberry cobbler, or raspberry and blueberry crumble. Recipes are shared below:


Raspberry and Strawberry: Strawberry is an herbaceous plant that grows low and has trifoliate hairy leaves and white flowers. Raspberry is a prickly bush with woody canes (main stems). It has spade-shaped leaves with toothed edges that are green on the top and light green or silver-colored on the bottom.

Raspberries contain high levels of zinc, copper, manganese, magnesium and iron. Strawberries, on the other hand, are high in manganese. In terms of Potassium and Sodium content, they are both comparable. Both of these fruits are high in potassium while being low in sodium. The recipes that you can try with raspberries and strawberries are given below:

Raspberry and Blackberry: The two fruits also have distinct flavor profiles, with blackberries being tarter and raspberries being sweeter. Because they look similar, blackberries and black raspberries are frequently confused. Black raspberries have a hollow core, tiny hairs, and are sweeter than blackberries.

There are a variety of recipes you can try with raspberries and blackberries. You can make blackberry-raspberry cobbler, raspberry blackberry smoothie, and raspberry blackberry crisp. Here are the recipes:

Raspberry and Cherry: Cherry is a high-potassium food. Raspberry contains 66% less sugar than cherry. Niacin and folate levels are higher in raspberries. Raspberry is a good source of vitamin C. You can make a variety of dishes with raspberry and cherries. For instance, a raspberry cherry buckle is a good treat to try.

Buckles are a conventional fruit-studded dessert that is similar to a soft, moist cake. We use a mixture of cherries and raspberries here, but you can use any combination that sounds reasonable to you. Just don’t go over 3 cups of fruit because too much fruit will make the cake too wet. A recipe for raspberry cherry buckle can be found here.

Cherry-Raspberry Semifreddo is another excellent dish worth trying. Semifreddos are a light Italian dessert that mean ‘semi-frozen.’ Think of them as a cross between mousse and ice-cream

They’re a great option when you’re entertaining and wish to serve an elegant yet easy dessert. They’re a cinch to put together and make ahead of time by design, so they’re a great low-maintenance option when you’re entertaining and want to serve an easy but elegant dessert. This version is bursting with raspberries and cherries, but you can use any fresh or thawed frozen fruits you have. A recipe for the dish can be found here.

Raspberry and Tomato: Tomatoes and raspberries have citrus (orange) and flowery (floral) aromas in common. Raspberry Gazpacho – Mackerel Ceviche with Red Curry: Mackerel works well as a ceviche because of its fishy flavor and high fat content, which stand up well to the citrus lime marinade. We make a sweet, spicy Thai red curry-seasoned gazpacho-like sauce with ripe tomatoes, raspberries, and sweet pointed red peppers to balance these flavors.

Final Thoughts

Raspberries pairs well with tomato, cherry, blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, apple, banana, and orange. You should combine it with other fruits too and see the flavor you get. We have shared some recipes that combine raspberries and other fruits that go well with it. Give them a try and see which fruit goes best with raspberries.

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