What Fruit Goes with Cherries and Blueberries?

Cherries and blueberries.

Cherries and blueberries are members of the same family, Rosaceae. There are some fundamental differences between the two, such as texture, nutrition, aroma, and taste. However, if you don’t have one, you can use the other as its alternative.

While these two fruits are widely popular due to their nutritional benefits, they can be used to make some delicious dishes that will give your taste buds proper jostling. Throw in a couple of other fruits, and you will find yourself a delicious dish.

Now, the question is, what fruits go with cherries and blueberries? Let’s find out in this article.

Which Fruit Can be used with Cherries and Blueberries?

Cherries and blueberries are mostly used in desserts. You will find numerous recipes that include these two fruits as ingredients. This is because they blend well and create a delicious taste that tastes good and far more fulfilling than when used individually.

Let’s discuss different fruits that go with each of these fruits individually:

Fruits That Go with Cherries

The following are some fruits that go with cherries:


Cherries and pineapple can go well together. They complement each other and can produce a distinctive taste loved by almost every other sweet tooth. Let’s look at a couple of recipes that include cherries and pineapple:

· Pineapple Cherry Dump Cake

Pineapple cherry dump cake can be easily made. All it takes is a combination of pineapple and cherry tidbits, and you are good to go. You can buy a can of each, dump them in a bowl, add a few more ingredients and you are set for the night!

· Cherry-Pineapple Crumb Cobbler

Cherry-pineapple crumb cobbler can be easily whipped. You don’t have to find a list of ingredients to prepare this dish. All you need are four simple ingredients, and you have got yourself a delicious cobbler. Take some pineapple rings, cover them with cherry pie, and sprinkle a small portion of a dry cake. Once the dish is prepared, you can put it in the oven to commence baking.


Orange is another fruit that goes well with cherries. You can create numerous recipes using these two fruits. In most cases, they are combined for desserts, such as cherry-orange clafouti, cherry-orange cobbler, a salad made with cherry and orange, cherry orange oat cookies, etc. Let’s explore a couple of these recipes:

· Cherry-orange Clafouti

Cherry-orange clafouti is a French dessert, widely loved for its distinctive taste. This dish looks somewhat like custard; however, it has a definite taste that most French can easily detect. If you want to have a taste of this delectable French delight, you easily whip it up in your kitchen!

· Cherry Orange Salad

Since we are talking about desserts, it is essential to have something healthy as well. You might think salads are bland, having no taste, all nutrition. However, salads can also be tasty, thanks to the addition of cherries and oranges. Start with all the greens and end with the cherries and oranges. This cherry-orange salad is a refreshing addition to your table.

Fruits That Go with Blueberries

The following are some fruits that go with blueberries:


Bananas are full of nutrition. Those who can’t seem to put on weight regardless of how much they eat should consume bananas on a daily basis. Not only does it help in this regard, but it also tastes good. When added with blueberries, this fruit tends to elevate the dish’s taste, adding nutritional value to the recipe. The following are a couple of recipes that include blueberries and bananas:

· Blueberry Banana Bread

Banana bread is fairly common and can be consumed as a dessert. But there is a twist to it; add a few blueberries and see how this little tweak can enhance the taste of your classic, old banana bread. This recipe of blueberry banana bread is easy to whip. Once the dish is ready, you can store it in your freezer for the next day.

· Glazed Blueberry Banana Bars

Blueberry banana bars look and taste better than blueberry banana bread! You don’t have to search for numerous ingredients to prepare this dish. Just a few items, and you are good to go! Have a couple of these delicious bars in the morning or the evening, whatever works for you.


Apricots are rich in vitamin A. They are known to promote eye health. Apricots can be consumed in various forms. You can either make an apricot shake or consume it whole. You can also use this fruit in a dessert along with blueberries. Let’s explore the recipes that include these two:

· Apricot and Blueberry Crumble

Apricot and blueberry crumble is not only delicious, but it is also mouth-watering. Once you look at it, you won’t be able to resist having a bite! The combination of blueberries and apricots add much-needed flavor to the dish. You will also have to prepare a topping that is the highlight on apricot and blueberry crumble.

You might think it is a lot of work. However, it’s not. This dish is extremely easy to make. Just a few ingredients, and you are good to go.

· Blueberry Apricot Skillet Cake

Blueberry Apricot skillet cake is a seasonal delight that will surely leave you wanting more. This dish has a distinctive taste, all thanks to the combination of blueberries and apricots. You will have to prepare a base of these fruits that adds value to the cake. Once the base is ready, you can prepare the cake the good, old-fashioned way and tada! Your blueberry apricot skillet cake is ready to be served!

Final Word

Cherries and blueberries are known for their taste and nutrition quotient. Besides, you can create numerous recipes by throwing a variety of other fruits into the mix. Follow the recipes mentioned in this article and enrich your meals with quality deserts!

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