What Chocolate Goes with Blackberries?

Chocolate brownies with blackberries on top.

Milk, dark, and white chocolate tend to be the standards to which these pairings are made because chocolate varietals are diverse and have a variety of attributes and flavor nuances. The rich, sweet, and creamy flavor of white chocolate goes nicely with acidic fruits like berries.

Most people will always refer to chocolate and peanut butter as a culinary match made in heaven, and there’s no denying that it’s close to perfection. Take a step back the next time you’re fawning over that tried-and-true combination and tell yourself, “Chocolate and fresh blackberries are better.”

There are many different recipes you can try with chocolate and blackberries. Below, we have shared a few:

Chocolate Blackberries: The combination of rich dark chocolate and sweet blackberries creates a delicious dessert that you can feel good about eating.

This delectable treat is simple to make at home, and it tastes even better when made with fresh blueberries and extra-dark chocolate. A little avocado oil is the only additional component.

If you want, you can use even darker chocolate. It’s such a joy to have one of these chocolate-covered blueberries with an espresso after supper. Follow the link below for the recipe:

Blackberry Chocolate Cake: Blackberry chocolate cake is luxurious and delicious. Extra chocolaty and rich. It reminds us of those very delectable flourless chocolate cakes, but this one has an added bonus: blackberries. Although blackberries and white chocolate are said to be best companions, milk and/or dark chocolate aren’t far behind.

This delicious chocolate cake is ideal for birthday celebrations, picnics, or a quick weekend snack. The recipe for the Blackberry Chocolate Cake is given below:

Chocolate Blackberry Pudding: The most underappreciated flavor combination of all time is blackberry and chocolate. True, chocolate complements the entire berry family. Blackberries and chocolate, on the other hand, are like dark little twins that are mystically perfect for one another.

Chocolate blackberry pudding is a molten chocolate cake in a pudding form. It’s also full of juicily bursting entire blackberries, in addition to being a barely contained river of hot chocolate.

This pudding is made up of small pockets of sour, almost wine-like, acidic blackberries. Although there’s nothing wrong with plain chocolate — there isn’t – the blackberries give a savory note. The recipe for Chocolate Blackberry Pudding is shared below:

Blackberry Dark Chocolate Ice-Cream: This blackberry ice cream will blow your mind. It’s not only very fruity, super-creamy, and the prettiest color, but the fruit it contains is also completely free. This blackberry ice cream is a celebration of nature’s generosity, made from foraged late-summer blackberries from our very abundant hedgerows.

So, if you’ve never gone blackberry picking before, take your coat and head out. If blackberry season hasn’t arrived in your area yet, be sure to pin or bookmark the recipe shared below, so it’s easy to discover. This is an ice cream recipe that you simply must try!

Blackberry Chocolate Chip Cookie Crumbles: This is another one of those bizarre sweets that just works. The combination of crumble/cobbler/crisp and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies is stunning. While baked blackberries and chocolate may not seem like a natural mix, the unexpected chocolate pockets are equal parts surprise and delight.

As the fruit softens and sweetens and the liquids from the fruit bubble over, the oatmeal cookie topping turns a rich golden brown. Fruit and decadent chocolate, soft and crunchy, salty and delicious, it’s a dish with a lot of differences, but it also has a lot of harmony.

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Chocolate Blackberry Cupcakes: Though blackberry and vanilla go great together, we believe blackberry and chocolate go better together. To make cupcake, the berries must be boiled to extract their juices, and the juice must be used to make a fruity chocolate ganache.

The cupcakes are light and fluffy, with a deep chocolate flavor that is perfect for any occasion.

In more ways than one, Chocolate Blackberry Cupcakes blend cocoa and berries. The fragile cupcake and the ganache contrast with one another, highlighting their physical differences while underlining their flavor similarities. When served cold or at room temperature, these cupcakes are exquisite. Using dairy-free chocolate and milk, the cupcakes can simply be made vegan. The full recipe for Chocolate Blackberry Cupcakes is shared below:

Double Chocolate Blackberry Muffins: The rich, luscious Double Chocolate Blackberry Muffins are brimming with berry flavor. For a richer chocolate flavor, use dark cocoa powder and dark chocolate.

Combine blackberries with chocolate to celebrate the closing days of summer. You will never be disappointed if you choose dark chocolate.

Who doesn’t enjoy having a breakfast that is virtually a chocolate cupcake? While most muffins are overly sweet to start the day, the bittersweet chocolate helps to balance things out. They’re rich and fudgy, with juicy berries and chocolate chunks that melt in your mouth.

Blackberry Chocolate Shake: You know those chocolate-covered berries you get at specialty candy stores or when you go out on a romantic date to a fondue restaurant? This is a smoothie that will bring back memories while also providing a cooling and pleasant sensation.


Almond milk or any other sort of milk (even heavy cream if desired) can be used, but I like coconut milk. It’s somewhat thick, flavorful, and just the right consistency for the final shake. It can be consumed as a breakfast beverage, a mid-morning snack, a post-workout relaxation shake, or a pre-workout supplement. The full recipe for Blackberry Chocolate Shake is given below:

Final Thoughts

There are a variety of dishes you can make with blackberries and chocolate. We have provided some of the most flavorful combinations that are worth trying.

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