What Cheese Goes with Cherries?

A classic plain cherry cheesecake.

There are numerous types of cheese that match well with cherries. The sweetness and juiciness of cherries add to the sharp flavors of cheese, making cherries a popular accompaniment to cheeseboards. The combination of cheese and cherries can be used in plenty of ways. You can use cherries cooked in jam and pair it with cheese. You can also enjoy cherries raw or pickled along with cheese. You can also toss both these items on a salad to create a unique lasting flavor.

Types of Cheese That Pair Well with Cherries

Hard, salty cheeses match well with cherries. They add a touch of freshness to the aged salty flavor of the cheese. The taste of aged Gouda, gruyere, pecorino and cheddar complement cherries well.

You can also combine cherries with soft salty cheeses. Both velvety and crumbly cheese in different varieties, such as feta or goat’s cheese, work well with fresh cherries.

Soft mild cheeses such as camembert, brie, ricotta, buffalo mozzarella and cream cheese also pair well with the sweetness of cherries. These soft mild cheeses and cherries make a lovely base for your cheeseboard. You can add crackers, meat varieties and dried fruits to complete the platter and make it a hit with your family and friends.

If in the mood for something a little more unique, try pairing cherries with blue cheese. The tangy taste of blue cheese and the sweetness of cherries bring out an eccentric yet addictive flavor you will surely enjoy. Gorgonzola, Stilton and Maytag blue cheese can work well here.

Good news for vegans, Cherries are also a great match with non-dairy cheeses and spreads.

You can enjoy eating the right assortment of cheese along with cherries either raw (such as on a cheeseboard) or cooked.

Types of Cherries to Pair with Cheese

Cherries and cheese pair exceptionally well if you choose the right variety of cheese and cherries. Goats cheese is creamy and great for dipping or spreading on crackers. Match this with Rainier cherries to add a bit of tang to your taste.

Stemilt cherries are sweet yet tart. Match this with the creamy and silky Brie Cheese to delight your taste buds.

Cherry and Cheese snacks and Deserts

You can also make delectable desserts and savory snacks using these two primary ingredients. Cherries and cheese can be used together in making cheesecake, brownies, pastries and the like. Cherry cheesecake brownies are a great choice for people who love this combination. The cherries add a kick to the cheesecake flavor and enrich the chocolate flavor.

If in the mood for something savory, try matching cherries and cheese together to make appetizers and to make snacks. Fresh cherry and cucumber bites with salted and crumbly feta cheese is a good appetizer idea. The cucumber and cherries add freshness while the feta Cheese provides a sharp flavor. Using Cherries and cheese as your main ingredient can create nutrient-rich, satisfying snacks. These snacks are not only easy to prepare but are also extremely delicious.

Check out recipes using these combinations.

Recipe 1

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Cherry and Cheese Salads

Both cheese and cherries combine well in salads. Whether you are using Bing cherries, Heartland cherries or Early Black, they can fit well in salads. This is also a very healthy combination as cherries are high in anthocyanins, which are inflammation-reducing nutrients. It’s always a good idea to purchase locally grown fresh cherries, preferably from the farmers market.

Cherries start losing their nutrients as soon as they are picked, so fresh ones are always the best option for one’s health. When creating a cherry and cheese salad, you can use other accompaniments such as leafy greens, rocket leaves, iceberg lettuce, or arugula. You can also add nuts like almonds or pistachios to enhance the flavor, depending on the recipe.  You can also mix and match with dressings. Home and Thyme dressing is a great idea and complements the cherries.

Here is a great salad recipe to try out at home, using cherry and goats’ cheese as primary ingredients.

Recipe 1

Recipe 2

Fruit combinations and cheese usually pair exceptionally well. Fruits like cherries and cheese form an effortless combination that can create some delicious and refined recipes if paired right. Both these items are a must-have for your picnic basket. The correct assortment of cheese and cherries, along with bread and your favorite wine, can make a delicious picnic. Pack a picnic basket with these foods and head outdoors in the warm summer months. Spending time in the sun, in your summer dress, with your delicious picnic basket is a delightful way to spend the weekend. The cherry and cheese combination can also be used for festive occasions like Christmas or for a Thanksgiving dessert. Whenever you use these ingredients together, you will be creating some delicious dishes.

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