What Cake Goes With Strawberries

Red velvet cake with strawberries on top.

Cakes and strawberries – A match made in taste heaven. Strawberry cakes are a favorite of most people, and strawberries tend to adorn many cakes that are not specifically strawberry cakes as toppings, so you get an even wider variety with this combination.

Most cakes go with strawberries, but if you are looking for a specific type of cake and wondering whether it has a strawberry-based variant/recipe, then this post is for you.

Butter Cake: Butter cakes are a tasty delight for dairy lovers, and even though their strawberry combos are not as “bold-flavored” as strawberry milkshakes, butter cakes do go well with strawberries in a number of different settings. Most strawberry butter cakes only allow you to embed the strawberries in the top layer. This way, the tasty red jewels not only imbue the butter cake with their zesty flavor but also add to its aesthetic representation.

Two recipes for butter cakes that go with strawberries are:

Pound Cake: People love pound cakes for their supposed simplicity, and they would love it even more if you augment a pound cake recipe with strawberries, though the strawberries might not follow the one-pound rule that the other core ingredients follow. And pound cakes tend to absorb/include strawberries more fully into the recipes, as they are present in the batter as well as the top glaze. This allows these pound cakes to offer a stronger strawberry flavor than cakes that only keep strawberries at the top layer do since the strawberries are part of the mix.

A few pound cake recipes with strawberries are:

Sponge Cake: Sponge cakes incorporate strawberries a bit differently than most other cakes. They allow you to add strawberries as not just the toppings or into the batter, but they also let you use strawberry (and strawberry-based) fillings in between cake layers. That’s a different delivery system, and you have greater control over the strawberry to cake ratio that you want to enjoy. Sponge cakes are also relatively lighter than other cakes, which also puts a little twist in the strawberry-cake flavor.

A few strawberry sponge cake recipes are:

Genoise Cake: A variant of sponge cake, Genoise cake is an Italian delight that uses a natural method to help the cake mix rise (air) instead of using artificial ingredients. And like the primary sponge cake, Genoise cakes also go well with strawberries, both as toppings and part of the mix. Some recipes also include a strawberry cream to use as the cake topping as well as center fillings, which accentuate and strengthen the flavor of the actual fruit added to the cake.

A few examples of Genoise cakes with strawberries are:

Red Velvet Cake: Strawberries go very well with chocolate, so it’s only natural that strawberries easily be used in different chocolate cakes, like red velvet cake. The color also makes for a good aesthetic combination, especially when strawberries are used as the primary topping or part of the topping. The taste combination is fine as well. Strawberry’s freshness blends very well with red velvet’s richness. Many red velvet cake recipes involve strawberries in a number of cake “elements,” like decorations, coulis, and syrup.

Three red velvet cakes that incorporate strawberries are:

Carrot Cake: Even plants, strawberries, and carrots are very different. Strawberries are usually bursting with flavor (whether sweet or sour), and carrots are relatively bland. But the two work very well in a variety of cakes. Strawberries are part of many tasty carrot cake strawberries, mostly as part of garnish/decoration. But the flavor compliment still exists.

Two carrot cakes where strawberries are used for garnishing are:

Biscuit Cake: Compared to other, strawberry biscuit cakes look like relatively forced combinations. Strawberry biscuit cake recipes are relatively few, but you can stretch the list if you also include combinations like biscuit sheet cakes with strawberries as toppings.

A few examples of strawberry biscuit cakes are:

Flourless Cake: There are relatively few truly flourless strawberry cakes (if any) recipes out there, but if you go a bit outside the traditional definition of flourless cake and include cakes that use almond flours and other gluten-free flours instead of traditional cake flour, you might find quite a few cake recipes to follow. It can be an amazing treat for people who usually don’t get to enjoy strawberry cakes due to their allergies.

A few examples of an “expanded” range of flourless cakes are:

Strawberries are very common ingredients in a few other cakes, like fruit cakes and chiffon cakes. If you are only trying to add strawberries as a garnish, you have a lot of cake choices. If you want it part of the mix, the pool of potential cake recipes becomes a bit smaller.

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