What Cake Goes With Blueberries

Lemon cake with blueberries.

A lot. That’s what the answer to this question is. Several different cakes can be made with blueberries. The berries can be part of the batter or simply the topping/decoration, but still part of the cake. How well the two go together depends on the cake recipes.

It’s also important to note that not all cakes are equally receptive to fruits, especially juicy fruits like blueberries with a hint of acidity. But many cake recipes are adjusted to not just accommodate but utilize fruits like blueberries to strengthen the flavor they offer.

Butter Cake: Butter cakes are the beloved commoners of the cake world. The name comes from the necessary ingredients (butter cake and sugar), and they come in a wide variety. Thanks to their simplicity, butter cakes tend to be very flexible about other ingredients, including fruits like blueberries. And in these cakes, blueberries, even though they don’t blend in with the batter, are part of the cake’s composition and not just its separate topping. In another “gooey” recipe, the juiciness of blueberries is leveraged and put to good use.

The two butter cakes that use blueberries are:

Pound Cake: When it comes to simplicity, few cake recipes beat pound cakes. The recipes are quite easy to remember as well since it’s all in the name. The pound cake got its name from the equal amount (by weight) of four core ingredients: A pound of butter, sugar, flour, and eggs. And these four can be mixed together with a wide variety of secondary ingredients, including blueberries. Like butter cakes, pound cakes also incorporate blueberries into their recipes as more than just glorified toppings. Many blueberry pound cake recipes are augmented with sour cream.

Pound cake recipes that include blueberries in the mix are:

Sponge Cake: If pound and butter cakes are too heavy for your taste (and your belly), sponge cakes can be explored. And sponge cakes use blueberry in both ways: As toppings and as fillings. This allows you to try the combination out with two different delivery systems. When you bite a blueberry sponge cake where the berries are used as fillings, you will taste the cake first and blueberries later. But when they are used as a topping, the fruitiness of berries will precede the cake’s mushiness. The cream is an important part of both types of cake (whipped for one, sour for the other).

Two sponge cake recipes with blueberries that you should consider trying are:

Biscuit Cakes: Even though biscuit cakes should technically be no-bake cakes, this definition rarely applies to a wide array of cakes that are classified as biscuit cakes. Still, you may find a blueberry biscuit cake recipe that doesn’t require any baking. One of the recipes actually uses biscuit mix to give the cake a characteristic composition. Other blueberry biscuit cakes are more like cakes and less like biscuits. Regardless of the combination you go with, it would be a treat for your palette.

Three blueberry biscuit recipes you should give a try are:

Angel Food Cake: Angel food cake differs from other cakes thanks to the absence of butter in their recipe. So if you are not a fan of dairy, you might consider trying a blueberry angel food cake, and there are several different recipes you can try. One of the angel food cakes requires you to prepare a separate blueberry filling for the angel food cake, while the other uses blueberries in their original form (fresh or frozen).

The two angel food cakes with blueberries are:

Flourless Cake: Flourless cakes are another category of cases where the official “definition” rarely applies. A flourless cake, technically a flourless chocolate cake, is made using an aerated chocolate custard. But there are other ways of getting around the “no flour” restriction. One flourless blueberry cake uses a mandarin puree and eggs as the base. The other recipe is more blueberry-centric and augments it with milk and butter. Both recipes are made without any flour, though, so at least they stay true to the name. You might find these cakes more powerful in flavor since the flour is not there to dampen the taste of blueberry.

Two flourless blueberry cakes you might want to try are:

If you are only planning on using blueberries as the topping or blueberry jam (or its compote) as part of the topping, you can find an even richer variety of cake recipes. But the recipes shared above actually use blueberry as an active ingredient in all these cakes, and the fruit permeates the essence of the cake more thoroughly.

Many cakes go well with blueberries if you prepare them the right way.

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