Weekly Meal Plan with Food Bloggers of Canada

Who loves planning? This gal! (two seriously huge thumbs pointing my way right now).

But even though I get right down and giddy over organization (my inner Monica is frantic with joy in this moment), meal planning can often seem like such a major process! Especially when I’d rather be on the patio with a bourbon in one hand and a good book in the other. But it really does make my week – and the meals I inhale during it – so much better. Which is why I’ve partnered up with The Food Bloggers of Canada to bring you one stellar weekly meal plan this week. 

Weekly Meal Plan Menu - Food Bloggers of Canada - SheEats.ca

It’s loaded pack jamed full of recipes from the blog, featuring the very best of the season right now. And you need to get your fill as much as possible because soon the weather will change (it already has – have you noticed the crunchy leaves on the ground??) and we will be left with nothing but parsnips and cabbage for 6 months.

The neatest part about this whole thing? Realizing I’ll never have scurvy because I eat enough citrus to float a boat full of sailors. Luckily I can curse & drink with the best of ’em!

I really do hope this meal plan helps you create healthy, locally seasonal and ridiculously delicious meals for your dinner table. Or in my case, dinner couch. Though as soon as I moved to back West to Vancouver I went to Canadian Tire and got myself one sweet patio set. So I chow down out there most nights. And will continue to do so. Until the torrential Winter rainy season starts.

P.S. We’ve included a printable shopping list along with the meal plan as well as complimentary side dishes, desserts and even drinks (are you really surprised by that?) so all you have to do, is cook and eat. No thinking required.

[button link=”http://www.foodbloggersofcanada.com/2014/08/the-fbc-weekly-menu-plan-with-she-eats/” size=”large” bg_color=”#2cdbc1″ border=”#2cdbc1″ window=”yes”]Drool over { then make } the meal plan here[/button]

Do you meal plan? What are your tools for doing it? What do you make during the week? How do you decide what you’ll eat? Spill it!

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