Skeena Cherries Guide

What do Skeena cherries look like?

Here’s a photo of Skeena cherries:

Skeena Cherries

What are Skeena cherries?

They’re a cross of van and Stella cherries. Originally produced in 1976 in Summerland, British Columbia.

They are dark red and sweet; perfect for eating right off the tree.

Are Skeena cherries sweet?

Yes, Skeena cherries are fairly sweet.

Are Skeena cherries good to eat by themselves?

Yes, they are “eating” cherries you can eat right off the tree.  They also are good for desserts and baking.

What are Skeena cherries good for?

Eating as-is, canning, desserts and sauces.

How tall are Skeena cherry trees?

Skeena trees grow to about 11 feet tall.

When are Skeena cherries in season?

The Skeena cherries are grown in British Columbia, Canada. They grow between the months of April and October. The harvest occurs in the month of October when they start to ripen and become sweet.

Where do Skeena cherries grow?

What are Skeena cherries? They’re a particular type of cherry that grow in the Skeena Valley, located in northern British Columbia! It’s Canada’s fourth longest valley with an expansive diversity of ecosystems, including temperate rainforests, boreal forests, and alpine.

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