Greetings, writers and publishers:


If you would like to include Mission Pie in a story, article, blog, or book, we encourage you to draw information from our website, and we are freely available for direct conversation by request. Please contact us by email or by phone 415.282.1500 or 415.282.4PIE to set a time to chat. We request that you fact-check with us all published pieces that describe Mission Pie beyond the most basic business name and contact info.


Please know that in this era of relaxed publication standards, there are pieces both in print and online that mischaracterize our business. If you draw from sources other than our website or the business owners, you risk publishing inaccurate information in which case we will ask you to correct or retract it.


For a quick sketch of Mission Pie, read the ABOUT page.


Despite some urban myths, we are neither a non-profit, a co-op nor run by high school students – we were founded independently and have always been proudly a for-profit business doing good in our town. We source ingredients from many California growers and not all from one farm – we couldn’t have the breadth of menu if we sourced so narrowly. We neither own nor are owned by a farm (though Karen did help to launch a non-profit educational farm back in the day.)


Thank you for caring about truth.

For quick sketch of Mission Pie, read the ABOUT page