Parachute Coffee Airdrop in My Box (ow ow!)

Seriously. My box has never smelled so good. My mailbox, that is.

Parachute Coffee Roasters Review - Canadian Coffee of the Month

So, I like coffee. And I know you like coffee. We like coffee.

Hold the phone. Or in this case, maybe the pot (I know I live in B.C., but not that kind of pot) – we don’t just like coffee. We breathe coffee. We yearn for coffee. Yes. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee at 6am, and the anticipation of its percolating effects is more than electrifying, it can be down right arousing.

Which is why I was so stoked to see my box stuffed to the brim with the September coffee delivery from Parachute Coffee. That’s right – you heard me correctly. It’s like a caffeine lover’s wet dream. If that wetness was coffee.

Parachute Coffee Roasters Review - Canadian Coffee of the Month -SheEats.caParachute Coffee Roasters Review - Canadian Coffee of the Month

Michael and Jake believe in keeping things simple and telling the real version of every story. And they’re around to help us brew better coffee. Each and every month, Parachute Coffee “parachutes” small-batch, specialty, award-winning coffee from Canadian roasters into my mailbox and I don’t even have to leave the house. And mama, small batch doesn’t mean small delivery. This bad boy has girth. 25-30 cups of girth. For a whopping $25 a month. And being the kinda gal I am (the kind who likes convenient, inexpensive girth),  I will never complain about that.

Parachute Coffee Roasters Review - Canadian Coffee of the Month

Now you know me. I don’t like brand names too much. They’re over-processed, unethically sourced and generally neither too fantastic nor amazing tasting. I will never, ever, ever, EVER post about or recommend a product to you that I don’t think holds water (get it? water = coffee) unless something was so appalling and I just had to yell out “Stranger Danger!” That’s not what my blog is for. It’s for talking dirty, eating lusciously and making poop jokes. But if we can get our mitts on stellar, ethical-as-earthly-possible, delicious tasting shiznat, I want you to know about it. Parachute Coffee is one of those things.

This month’s coffee was the Finca Don Chepe from Pig Iron Coffee Roasters in Toronto. Awesome enough, right? Pigs. Iron. Coffee. Now add in the flavours of dried raspberries and Oreos and prepare to have your mouth blown. Seriously. I haven’t bought Oreos in years but the mere scent of this coffee was enough to bring me back to my childhood. Which was filled, with Oreos. At least when I could sneak ’em into the house.

Parachute Coffee Roasters Review - Canadian Coffee of the Month

I realize I’m a website designer at ohksocialmedia, but my friends, this coffee is more than internet “java”. It’s delicious morning “code” for your mouth. My 6 point morning code of conduct:

  1. Wake up & check phone (despite my best efforts to resist it).
  2. Pee.
  3. Get stimulated. Parachute Coffee first; Other things later. Ow ow!
  4. Pee.
  5. More coffee. Because I’m the kinda gal that likes it twice.
  6. More pee. Because I have the tiniest bladder in ‘da universe.

Man, I’m pretty much the classiest chick alive, aren’t I? Just be glad I’m not telling you about my poops. That’ll come, my friends. All in good time. Kind of like good coffee. I figure we’ve been hot and heavy for a while now, we can spend our mornings together. Or at least our morning coffee. And this is mine.

Parachute Coffee Roasters Review - Canadian Coffee of the Month

What’s your 6 point morning code of conduct? Dig coffee? Tea? Whiskey? How do you take it? Black? Creamy? Sweet? All in? (ow ow!) Have you tried a monthly mail coffee delivery (or any) service? What’s your brand of go-to coffee?

Disclosure of Material Connection: Food Bloggers of Canada and Parachute Coffee sent me a review bag of this coffee at no cost. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. All opinions and information is entirely accurate and a reflection of my true experience and was not influenced, in any way, by the above mentioned products. Opinions and views are my own. Because that’s how I roll, yo. I’ve never been one to shut my mouth – I’m not going to start now.

Parachute Coffee Roasters Review - Canadian Coffee of the Month

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