17 Nut Varieties

These are various types of nuts on a wooden chopping board.

Nuts are a common snack in many parts of the world. They are generally healthy, nutritious, affordable, and easily available in markets everywhere. There are dozens of different nut varieties eaten in many different ways globally,

Though small in size, different nut varieties contain omega 3s and good monounsaturated fats. In addition, nuts are full of fiber and vitamin E. Nuts are really good for the heart. Nuts and their products, such as butter and flour, are used by people trying to lose weight and other medical issues, such as diabetes.

Nut Allergies

Nut allergies are very common among people, especially children, and can sometimes be really severe and fatal. Utmost care should be taken when consuming nuts.

If you are not allergic to them, you are free to enjoy all the different tastes and health benefits that nuts offer.

Some of the most commonly consumed nut varieties are listed below;

Types of Nuts

1. Pistachios

Pistachios originate from the Middle East and West Asia. It is an important ingredient of desserts, such as halvah, maamoul, and baklava. The Iranian and Turkish pistachios are better, smaller in size, with a dark shell and skin. They pack more flavor than domestic Californian pistachios.

2. Hazelnuts

Round, sweet, and small hazelnuts are the nuts used to make Nutella, the delicious chocolate spread. Grounded hazelnuts can be used for baking and in seafood. They are full of fiber, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, potassium, and sodium.

They have thin and brown skin and are really crunchy.

3. Almonds

Hard and Sweet, they are the seeds of the almond tree. Almond oil, almond flour, and almond milk are also made from almonds. Like the other nuts, almonds also contain protein, potassium, sodium, fiber, and carbohydrates.

The State of California in the United States is a major grower of almonds. Moreover, they are also found in Italy and Spain.

While they can be eaten straight from the tree, it is always a good idea to dry them out for at least two weeks for maximum flavor.

4. Acorns

Acorns are very nutritious nuts though nowadays they are not very popular. History has records of acorns being used as early as 6000 B.C by human beings in their diet.

5. Cashew Nuts

Cashew nuts are a good source of protein, fiber, fat, and carbohydrates. The best of snacks can also be added as a garnish on many dishes like rice and stir-fries.

Cashew, nut butter, and milk is also widely in use in various parts of the world.

6. Peanuts

Places that have a warm climate are suitable for growing peanuts. These include countries from North and South America, Africa, and some Asian countries. The peanut flower grows above the ground, whereas the peanut itself grows under the soil.

Roasted peanuts are good for snacking on. Peanut butter with jelly is a much-loved spread globally. Whole peanuts are used for garnishes and are used in cakes and chocolates. They can also be added to a lot of savory dishes.

7. Walnuts

The countries where walnuts are grown are Turkey, Ukraine, Iran, Mexico, China, and the United States.

They are eaten raw after breaking the shell and can also be roasted. Walnuts are used in dessert recipes and a large number of other savory dishes.

8. Chestnuts

Italy, South Korea, Greece, China, and the United States are the countries that produce chestnuts majorly. Chestnuts have a high content of carbohydrates and sugars like starch.

There is a lot you can do with chestnuts- boiling, grilling, and deep-frying. They are also frequently used in cakes!

9. Pecans

It takes up to almost seven years for a pecan tree to start producing in abundance. They are grown in orchards in Texas, California, Florida, and Louisiana, as well as in Mexico. They are high in antioxidants and also in healthy unsaturated fats.

People prefer roasted pecans. Pecan pies are a favorite pecan dish for many people. They can be added to chicken or meat dishes and also in candies.

10. Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are packed with vitamins, calcium, and iron. They are grown in the rainforests of the Amazon on large trees. They are also found in Bolivia and Peru.

The Brazil nutshell is very hard and must be cracked open before getting into the edible seed. These nuts are used to make cookies, milk, and vegan Brazil nut cheese. In addition, you can also use them in salads.

11. Pine Nut

A large number of pine trees produce pine nuts with slight differences in their tastes. They are a product of North America, Korea, and Europe.

Pine nuts are dried and roasted before consumption. Quite often, they are eaten raw for the buttery taste that they have. Eat them as a snack or add them to fish, meat, or salads!

12. Cedar Nut

These are a kind of pine nut and grow in Siberia and Russia. High in protein, vitamins, and fats, they are good for your immune system.

You can eat them raw or roasted whichever way you want.

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13. Coconut

Yes, the coconut is also a nut! They come from thriving palm trees that grow in the Caribbean, South and Central America, in the State of California, and Mexico.

Coconuts have several uses. Coconut milk and coconut oil are widely used worldwide. The former is used in a variety of dishes and the latter for hair growth and cooking. Coconuts can be eaten raw; they are used as ice cream toppings and in various desserts.

14. Kola Nuts

The African rainforests are home to kola nuts which grow on trees that are almost 20 meters in height. They are used as flavoring agents in beverages as the nuts contain caffeine.

15. Macadamia nuts

These nuts are mainly grown in Australia and Hawaii but are also found in warm climate regions of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The macadamia nut is a good source of protein, iron, and vitamin A among other minerals.

It takes the large bushy tree around five years to start producing nuts. The macadamia nut cookie is the best-known and most famous recipe that uses these nuts—other dishes where macadamia nuts can be used in muffins, fudges, and granola.

16. Hickory Nuts

Pecans and hickory nuts share a lot of characteristics. The edible part is hidden inside a thick husk that you need to break open. The meat of the nut is very calorie-dense and has a sweet pecan-like taste.

They are a good source of manganese, thiamin, and copper. Hickory nuts are a little harder to find in local supermarkets.

17. Pili Nuts

The Philippines and Northern Australia are the primary producers of pili nuts. It is only in recent years that the pili nuts have gained popularity in the world of nuts. They are not very nutritious but have a mildly enjoyable taste.

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