Meyer Lemon Pizza with Brussels Sprouts

When we first got together, I was right out of college and I had about 0 cooking experience. However, I had just started this blog (for baking, not for cooking) and I was feeling more adventurous in the kitchen. I distinctly remember the first time I made homemade pizza. I had to pull the smoke detector from the wall of my apartment, the crust was horrible, and he was ever so gracious (I attribute this to his not ever eating a home-cooked meal, so anything was better than nothing.) However, I knew the pizza was crap and from that moment on, pizza has been one great experiment with many trial and errors.

Fast forward to today and I’m still playing around with my pizza. I have a new favorite way to make pizza that creates an excellent crisp crust on the bottom and a gooey cheesy top (without setting the smoke detectors off). I use 11″ season steel pan (check our top recommendations for the best deep dish pizza pans)first on the stove top then transfer it into the oven. Sure it’s not how one might normally make pizza at home, but it gets the job done (and creates these wonderful personal sized pizzas!) Add to it a bright and light topping of Meyer lemons and brussels sprouts, it’s a winning dinner.

How to make Meyer Lemon Pizza with Brussels Sprouts

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