How Long Do Cherries Take to Ripen? Will They Ripen After Picking?

Harvesting cherries from the orchard.

Did you know that the number of harvesting days for cherries differ, depending on the variety and type. For instance, some cherries may take 55-90 days to ripen, while others only need 40 days or less. The harvest timing varies for all types of tree fruits – there’s no one right answer.

Will They Ripen After Picking?

Cherries are one of the most popular fruits in the U.S., but few people know that they have to ripen on the tree before being harvested or their entire life cycle is disrupted. If you’re looking for a sweet cherry taste, make sure to look for ones that are ripe and ready.

Cherries are often picked when still green because they can be shipped more easily without bruising. However, if left unpicked, cherries will continue to ripen until they reach peak flavor.

The time it takes for this process varies depending on many factors, including climate conditions and the variety of cherry plants, but typically ranges from two weeks to six months after harvest.

Why Do Cherries Do Not Ripen After Picking?

The cherry is a non-climacteric fruit because it does not ripen after being picked from the tree. Unlike climacteric fruits, which have an increase in ethylene and CO2 when they’re ready to be harvested (making them sweeter), cherries stay sweet at all times thanks to their lack of these hormones. This means you must pick your plums or berries as soon as possible for maximum enjoyment.


Researchers are still trying to figure out the date of cherry blossom’s earliest full bloom. The first recorded instance was on April 9th, 2015 and 2016; however, it is unclear whether these dates will hold true every year because weather affects when blooms occur.


It is said that cherry trees should not be harvested before the fruit reaches a size of 2 inches in diameter. If this rule is followed, it will result in high-quality cherries with good flavour and sweetness. However, some farmers choose to harvest their cherries when they are still small to get more harvests out of their trees.

This means that there are many cherry sizes, making it difficult for consumers to know what kind of cherry they’re buying.

Several factors influence when you should harvest your cherry tree, like how cold or hot the weather has been during the growing season, what type of soil was used for planting, and if any pests have attacked the fruit.

FInal Word

It’s important to know the harvest time for your type of cherry tree so you can plan ahead. Whether you have sour cherry, sweet cherry or tart cherries on your property, knowing how long it takes them to ripen is essential if you want to start planning out when and how much fruit will be ready at any given point in the year.

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