The Best Gin and Tonic. Ever.

Ring ting ting a ling too!

Gin & Tonic Recipe -

That’s the beautiful sound of silver and gold clanging together in the forest where Burt Ives lives.

Gin & Tonic Recipe -

It also just so happens to be the same sound the shot glass makes on a metal serving tray.

I know, I know. Every food blogger who mixes cocktails is serving their drinks up on big old silver platters right now. In fact, it’s so insidious that I debated not doing it. Just not. Because how tired is seeing the same picture re-purposed and repositioned over and over and over again? It’s like working in the retail industry right now and having to listen to “Jingle Bells” on repeat. Forever.

Gin & Tonic Recipe - SheEats.caGin & Tonic Recipe -

Now hold onto your horses there Rudolph. Before you get all Grinchy on me, know that I love jingle bells. Ring ting ting a ling too! …Remember? But the song jingle bells really gets my feathers in a ruffle. And not a super cute skirt kind of ruffle.

OMG. I want a tutu. Loaded with ruffles. And bells that jingle. And you know what’s contained in the word “jingle”, don’t you?


Now I know as well as you do that like jingle bells, gin can be a bit of a touchy subject for some. Either they OD’d on it as a – ahem – person of legal drinking age, or they’ve had one too many shots or bad gin and tonics with Gordon’s Gin or maybe they’ve simply heard too many stories of Christmas parties running a muck because of someone losing their shit and sobbing about their wasted youth.

….What? That totally wasn’t me.

Gin & Tonic Recipe -

I say to them this: You haven’t met the right gin yet. Or you haven’t drank (drunk?) the best gin and tonic I’ve ever had. Because if you had my darling, gin-fearing comrade, you wouldn’t be afeared of gin any longer.

The keys to a great gin and tonic. Nay, the keys to the best – and prettiest – gin and tonic you’ve ever done gone and drank are simple. In fact, they’re 3 fold. A triple threat of G & T greatness, if you will.

Gin & Tonic Recipe -

A of all: Ice Ice Baby. Unlike the bedroom, a really good gin and tonic needs to be cold. As cold as you can possible get it. I recommend stocking up on way more ice than you think you’ll need – like, top that tall boy up as high as she’ll go. Yes, I realize I just combined the glass’s gender. That’s because glasses can’t be attributed socially constructed cultural biases. Point being: Ice. Lots of it.

B of all: Get busy with the fizzy. The only thing worse than a cold gin & tonic, is a flat one. I will refrain from making crude jokes here. That’s how important the fizzy is. You could go with your typical store bought tonic but about a bajillion producers now are making artisan tonics loaded with interesting flavours and quality bubbles. Phillip’s can be found on the West coast in craft focused liquor stores though I’m sure if you Google your area or make your way to the closest hipster-friendly retail store, someone will be able to point you in the direction of excellent – albeit too cool for school – tonic.

C of all: Pour your wallet into a good bottle. Get good bloody gin. And by bloody I mean as in the Englishism that means god damn awesome. Not actually literally bloody.


I believe the word you’re looking for is…. Anyhow……..

Right. Really good gin. Think of good liquor like you would a farm fresh strawberry or piece of pastured meat – the better quality it is, the better your finished dish will be. Hendrick’s is widely available and delicious but I’m a  supporter – nay, a fan girl – of Victoria Gin. It’s botanical and citrusy and spicy. Heck, I’ll drink it straight. And when it comes to gin, that’s saying a lot. Am I right?

Gin & Tonic Recipe -

Now, put your hands together and you’ve got one mother of a stellar cocktail. Toss in a wedge of lime and an organic rose petal (make sure it’s organic – a ton of pesticides and chemicals are used on conventional roses) there you have the best gin and tonic I’ve ever had. And I’m willing to be it’ll be the best one you’ve ever had too. Because hey, I’m that kinda girl… Err, it’s that kind. of. drink.

Serve it up on a metal serving tray and ring ting ting a ling too baby! Bam!

The Best Gin & Tonic I've Ever Had

Servings 2 drinks


  • 4 Oz good quality gin
  • 2 C Tonic
  • One Lime sliced into thin rounds
  • 1 Organic rose petals broke off
  • Ice


  • In your 2 favourite glasses, divide the gin.
  • Dump in as much ice as the glasses will fit.
  • Top with tonic and garnish with a wedge of lime and a rose petal.
  • Bottoms up!


Make 'em extra fancy by serving on a silver platter (find these at thrift stores for under $30!) and some cute paper straws. Cheers!
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!


What are your feelings on a good old fashioned Gin & Tonic? What’s in your glass right now? Are you cocktailing this season? What can’t you get enough of? Like Jingle Bells? Fav Christmas carol? Wanna rip your holiday hair out? Spill it!

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