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5 Falafel Varieties

These are freshly-cooked falafel on a wooden board with white sauce.

Store-bought food is thought to be tastier than food prepared at home, which is a common urban legend. Healthy and delicious, making your own falafel is an excellent exercise in self-reliance. They are free of gluten, dairy, and soy.

When making falafel, you can shape it into patties, burgers, loaves of bread, or even waffles. The quality of homemade falafel is on par with that of store-bought. Creative falafel recipes can be found online if you’re looking for new ideas. No matter how you prepare it, it’s delicious. Prepare yourself for the excitement that is about to ensue in the kitchen. Tighten your apron. You’ll be hooked on falafel making after trying these recipes. Our favorite falafel recipes are featured in this post.

Different Types of Falafel Recipes

The following are some falafel recipes you are going to fall in love with:

1. Green Falafel

Green falafel pieces on a plate.

First and foremost, the Green Falafel is a stunning dish. Falafels require two unusual flavors, mint and dill, to be present to make the taste and feel right. Because they’re fried rather than baked, they taste better. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, fried falafels are a tasty snack. Hummus and a wedge of lime accompany this dish.

2. Falafel with Oranges and Carrots

There are so many falafel options to choose from! This falafel in bright orange and red is a fan favorite. Chickpea flour can be used in place of chickpeas for those who have difficulty digesting legumes. Add tahini and sesame seeds to your falafel to make it crunchier.

3. Turmeric and Parsley Falafel Baked in an Oven

These are bright yellow turmeric falafel.

You can prepare the chickpea and herb mixture. Sprinkle some turmeric and get yourself the best falafel dish ever! You might think that it is a little too dry. No worries! Olive oil is a great cooking ingredient. You can also mix your falafels in oat flour or a thickener. If you plan on using olive oil, the best one is extra virgin olive oil, according to popular opinion. To get the most out of the dish, use only the best ingredients.

4. Falafel with Beetroots and Carrots

Butter beans and cauliflower are substituted for chickpeas in this falafel recipe, which results in a lighter, fluffier texture. You can make a gluten-free beet dip by substituting gluten-free flour for the spelt flour. Start a home-based business and make a lot of extra money. As an appetizer or entree, they are a big hit.

5. Falafel with Pumpkin Puree and Red Lentils  

This is a bowl of pumpkin puree.

In the absence of proper storage, falafel, like any food, can dry out when kept in an airtight container. Pumpkin purée and red lentils are the primary ingredients in this recipe, which aim to avoid dryness. However, this dish has an average flavor. Coriander and cumin are among the herbs and spices that make up this falafel recipe. Even without tahini or hummus, this dish is delicious.

Recipe for 5-Ingredients Baked Falafel

Simple falafel recipes are more appealing to a broader demographic. It’s possible that you’re running out of time to make a time-consuming recipe. With just five simple ingredients, a delicious meal can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. All ingredients should be combined in a food processor. Flour the dish and bake it for 18 minutes before serving. Let’s explore these easy recipes:

· Mexican Falafel Bites in Miniature

These are plates of falafel with salsa on the side.

Eating Mexican or Mediterranean food is an option. Onions, jalapeno peppers, and garlic are used to flavor these falafels. In this case, it’s best to have guacamole or salsa and hummus on the side.

· Falafels with Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes form the basis of this falafel. Bake the falafels for 25 minutes at 375°F. In place of sesame seeds, panko breadcrumbs are an excellent substitute.

True falafel requires at least 9 out of 10 for authenticity. This falafel abides by this rule. Moreover, chimichangas can be made without the use of a food processor by simply chopping and grinding the ingredients. After all, the best falafel you’ve ever had comes at a price.

· Chickpeas in a Falafel

This is a close look at a bunch of chickpeas.

Chickpeas are a staple in the cuisines of the Middle East and the Mediterranean. In Egypt, chickpeas have replaced fava beans as the main ingredient in falafel. Flavorful falafels flavored with beets are simply the best-tasting falafels. Pita bread with lettuce and a sesame seed-coconut yogurt sauce is an excellent choice.

If you are wondering, “What exactly is a falafel?” then you are at the right place. In the past, dried chickpeas were soaked and ground into flour. Before cooking, the meat is seasoned with herbs and spices. A deep fryer creates balls or patties out of the mixture. Flour is rarely used as a binding agent in falafels prepared by skilled chefs.

· Baked Falafel Salad

This is a plate of falafel salad.

Pita bread with grilled onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers are often served alongside this dish. A variety of toppings are available, including hummus, tahini, and hot sauce. This Baked Falafel Salad + Two Creamy Dressings recipe uses falafel sandwich ingredients.

Famous Falafel Recipes

The following are some famous falafel recipes:

1. Hot Sauce Baked Buffalo Falafel

This is falafel with buffalo sauce.

Traditional Middle Eastern flavors meet Buffalo-inspired ingredients in this dish. These baked buffalo falafels are smoky on the outside but tender and flaky in the center. Hummus or steamed rice can be served if you prefer. Increase the temperature!

2. Tahini and Herb Baked Falafel

Herb and yogurt-based sauce on the falafel is widely famous. The addition of fresh herbs to falafel enhances the dish’s flavor. Before baking, brush the falafel with extra-virgin olive oil to keep them crisp. There are only three ingredients needed to make this sauce – vegan yogurt, tahini, and fresh lemon juice.

3. Pistachio-Crusted Falafels

It’s easy to make Chickpea and Pistachio Falafel! The crunch and flavor of the pistachios make this dish stand out. They will be impossible to resist when they are just out of the oven. A test is a surefire way to ensure the quality of a product.

4. The Falafel Bowl

This is a falafel bowl on a table.

The Falafel Bowl is another option. It is considered to be a real treat. A Falafel Bowl is a nutritious and filling meal that can be made with falafel. A variety of dried fruits and olives are mixed into it to give it a unique flavor and texture. Pan-fried spinach in tomato sauce and winter squash are among the side dishes.

5. Tahini-Cashew Sauce on the Side of Falafels

The sauce is made from tahini and cashews. When you combine this sauce with your falafels, you will be left mesmerized, as it enhances the taste of the dish.

6. Falafels with Onion and Carrots

Falafel with onion and carrots baked in the oven is delicious. Each order comes with a complimentary sauce as a result of this. For a complete meal, serve with sweet potato fries and a salad.

7. Almond and Mint Falafel

Chickpea and almond falafel stuffed with mint and topped with tzatziki sauce has an unmatched taste.

Simple ingredients are used to make this Mint and Almond meal falafel dish. Chickpeas, aromatic herbs, spices, and almonds make up this dish. The falafel retains its crisp exterior and tender interior because it is baked rather than fried. What a relief!

8. Falafel with Roasted Poblano Pepper and Kale Inside

In a Cream Sauce, Kale Falafel and Cauliflower are paired with pork.

These falafels made with kale and roasted poblano peppers are delicious! It’s healthier to bake the poblano peppers rather than fry them because they have a smoky, spicy flavor. Moreover, they are both delectable, too. Fresh vegetables, tahini sauce, and pita bread are all great accompaniments to these falafels.

9. Tacos Stuffed with Korean Spicy Sweet Potato Falafel

These are pieces of falafel tacos on a plate.

This is the best fusion cuisine ever! Korean Spicy Sweet Potato Falafel and white kimchi tacos are a Middle Eastern and Korean fusion of flavors. You can eat the most culturally diverse meal of your life right away!

10. Sweet Potato Walnut Falafel

Baked sweet potatoes and walnuts are used to make this vegan falafel.

Baked sweet potatoes and walnuts are added to the falafel staple for a new twist. Fresh herbs and walnuts are used to make falafel. Until the last bite, they are moist and delicious. To keep them fresher longer, you can freeze them.

11. Falafel Burgers Topped with Avocado Sauce and Spinach

This is a falafel burger on a plate.

Falafel burgers topped with avocado sauce and spinach are served on homemade bread. This falafel sandwich is adorned with avocado sauce, spinach, and vegan burger buns.

The best falafel burgers are both delicious and easy to make. These falafel burgers are all about avocado sauce. Fresh spinach and crunchy falafel are perfectly complemented by the richness of creamy avocado in this dish. If you serve this on homemade hamburger buns, it will be even better.

12. Green Sauce on Top of the Falafel

The Super Green Falafel is a vegan and gluten-free take on traditional falafel.

These falafels are a great alternative to traditional deep-fried falafels because they are light and fluffy. The dish has a nice flavor dynamic, thanks to the fresh parsley and mint, but it is still light on the palate. Simple to make and mild in flavor, tzatziki sauce goes well with just about anything. Avocados and a smattering of vegetables balance out the meal’s high protein content.

13. The Taco-Falafel

Falafel Tacos, as the name suggests, are made of tacos, a treat for all taco lovers!

Falafels are even better served with tortillas rather than pita bread. That logic holds true when it comes to Falafel Tacos. A tahini-and-coriander-based green sauce goes well with this dish.

14. Baked Falafel with Turmeric

This is a close look at yellow turmeric falafel.

A baked turmeric falafel, both vegan and gluten-free, is a delight for all vegans.

If you haven’t already, make a new batch of turmeric paste. Fresh turmeric is used in the recipe for Baked Turmeric Falafel, but dried turmeric can also be used. Instead of being fried, these falafels are baked, giving them a vibrant color and a variety of health benefits.

15. Salad of Falafel and Spinach with Tahini Sauce

Because it is vegan, the Tahini dressing is a must-have in any vegan kitchen.

Tahini-Dressed spinach is packed with vitamins and minerals in falafels. Spinach was used as an ingredient in the chickpea mixture to give the falafel its bright green color. Tahini sauce can be used to make a delicious pita-bread meal in a matter of minutes.

16. Falafel Waffles

Vegan falafel is used to make waffles.

All of your foodie desires will be satisfied when you choose these Falafel Waffles. They are both soft and delicious. There is nothing better than making your own savory waffles without the need for a deep-fat fryer. This dish is so delicious that you’ll want to eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

17. Cucumber Noodles and Mint Tahini Dressing on a Plate of Falafel

Serve this Baked Falafel and Cucumber Noodle Salad with a simple Mint Tahini Dressing as a light lunch or dinner option. Make a batch of hamburger patties in the oven with a food processor. Cucumber noodles add a refreshing crunch and coolness to this dish. On the noodles, the mint-tahini dressing adds tang and flavor.

18. Mayo Sliders with Beet, Walnut, and Lemon Mayo and Falafels

These Walnut Falafel Sliders with Lemon Mayonnaise and Pickled Beets are the best falafel you will ever have. Lemon and garlic mayonnaise is used to coat and serve the falafels. Because the beans used to make falafel have the shape of a falafel, most falafel lovers are on board with this concept.

19. Vegetable Chili and Lime Lettuce Stuffed into a Falafel Loaf

There are options for those who are gluten-free or vegan. Lime lettuce and Veggie Chili stuffed into the loaf of falafel is an excellent option. Falafel that has been baked rather than fried is preferable. In spite of its crispy exterior, this falafel loaf retains its moist interior. Adding lime lettuce and chili to the loaf gives the dish a tangy flavor.

20. Authentic Ayurvedic Spiced Falafel

Falafel with sauce on the side.

Vegetarian dishes inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine are immensely popular in the entire region. A large portion of the cuisine is derived from plants.

Mung beans are used instead of chickpeas in the Ayurvedic Falafel recipe. Ingredients such as mung beans and spices, such as coriander and cumin, should be used when making falafel. Because these falafels are so delicious, they are the best part of the dish.

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Final Word

Because they are so simple to prepare, falafels are a popular Middle Eastern snack. Having them in your kitchen is a must because of their versatility and flavor. Do you prefer to make or eat falafel in a particular way? It would be a pleasure to hear from you. Comment below!