Does Broccoli Go with Lasagne?

This is a vegetarian lasagne with broccoli and spinach.

Unless you are totally opposed to broccoli, this nutrient-rich, green delight is highly versatile, and as such, you can easily pair it with most dishes.  For the broccoli lover, broccoli and pasta is a match made in heaven.  When the form of pasta is a warm, creamy, cheesy lasagne, it is undoubtedly comforting food at its best.

Broccoli can definitely go with lasagne, whether inside as a filling or on the side as an accompaniment. Green vegetables are renowned for containing all the ‘good stuff,’ and broccoli is hailed to be the all-star. Broccoli has many nutritional benefits, so people are willing to tolerate the taste.

Steamed vegetables, roasted vegetables, and salad are all considered to be great accompaniments to serve with lasagne.  Surprise, surprise! Broccoli steams well, roasts well, and in its raw form, it is a wonderful salad ingredient. 

So let’s look at ways of pairing this cruciferous little gem with lasagne.

How to Pair Broccoli and Lasagne

When I think of broccoli, I imagine it slathered in béchamel sauce and laced with cheese. 

This is a delicious way of enjoying broccoli, but together with lasagne, which is a béchamel and cheese-laden delight, it would be total overkill! The double hit of béchamel and cheese would be way too rich, definitely not complementary, and not the healthiest option. 

Since lasagne is generally considered a decadent dish, the addition of broccoli can bring balance to such an indulgent plate.  So how can we make use of the vibrant freshness of broccoli to temper the richness and provide a nutritionally balanced, palate-pleasing meal?

Steam broccoli and season lightly with salt and pepper. Steaming broccoli is the best cooking method to preserve its nutritional content.  Simple, unadulterated, and nutritious.

Roasted broccoli produces a nutty, robust flavor that you can use to make a tasty, satisfying vegetarian lasagne, which can become a family favorite on a meat-free evening.  Roasted broccoli can also be cooled and used to create a salad by dressing it in a light vinaigrette and adding nuts, seeds, chill, herbs, spices, feta, or goat’s cheese.

You can add finely chopped broccoli to any green salad to increase its nutritional value.

You can use blanched or raw broccoli to make a broccoli salad.  It can be prepared much like a potato salad with mayonnaise, finely chopped onions, herbs, spices, nuts, and seeds.  The possibilities are endless. 

Essentially, the end result is much like coleslaw, having replaced the cabbage with broccoli.

Why Pair Broccoli and Lasagne?

As I mentioned, it is essential to serve balanced meals.  This balance refers not only to the nutritional aspect but also to the balance required to bring pleasure and enjoyment to a meal.

Aside from the numerous health benefits of broccoli, this versatile vegetable can be served raw as a stand-alone side dish, or it can be used to bulk up salads.  Roasted or raw, broccoli can be blitzed to create a saucy replacement for the traditional meat sauce used in lasagne.

For most people, supper is the main meal of the day, and it is usually the primary opportunity to take in one’s recommended daily allowance of vegetables.  Since many doctors tout broccoli to be the most nutritious vegetable, this reason alone provides sufficient motivation to get creative with broccoli and enjoy it regularly as a staple accompaniment. 

The fact that broccoli’s versatility allows it to pair well with most foods is an added bonus. All that is required is a bit of culinary creativity to prepare it in the best way to compliment the overall meal.

If what I have shared hasn’t yet convinced you to add broccoli to your lasagne menu, perhaps we should take a look at the amazing health benefits of this green, nutrient-dense ‘powerhouse.’

Why Choose Broccoli?

Society has become far more health-conscious over the last decade.  The pursuit of establishing and adopting a healthy, immune-boosting diet has become somewhat of an obsession as a result of the Covid pandemic. 

Without delving too much into the medical side of things, let’s look at the main benefits of broccoli in layman’s terms.

  • Broccoli is nutrient-rich, which means it is jam-packed with vitamins and minerals.
  • Broccoli protects against certain cancers.
  • Broccoli aids blood sugar control.
  • Broccoli contributes towards establishing and maintaining a healthy biome in the gut.
  • Broccoli is rich in fiber which aids in the regular emptying of the bowel.
  • Broccoli aids digestion which allows for the proper absorption of vitamins and minerals and prevents constipation.
  • Broccoli aids heart and brain health.
  • Broccoli is high in vitamin C, which promotes a healthy immune system.
  • Broccoli reduces inflammation and thereby contributes to joint and bone health. Due to this, broccoli is considered to be anti-inflammatory food.
  • Broccoli contains antioxidants that guard against premature aging.

We know we have to eat vegetables to promote and protect our health.  Choosing to predominantly eat vegetables with the most significant health benefits is obviously the wisest choice. 

We can and should incorporate other vegetables into our diet, but this life-giving, powerhouse vegetable should be our regular go-to.

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Why is Broccoli Avoided?

Broccoli sometimes gains a bad rap due to the fact that it produces gas and results in flatulence.  For most people passing gas is a normal bodily function, and the wind leaves the body with ease. 

For those with gastrointestinal issues, gas-producing foods are often avoided, but the catch here is that broccoli actually contributes towards a healthy gut. 

It is the unhealthy gut that desperately needs the healing properties of broccoli. 

By eating broccoli, the environment in the gut improves, digestion improves, absorption of vitamins and minerals improves, elimination of waste improves, and ultimately a healthy gut effortlessly eliminates gas without bloating and pain. 

So, don’t avoid this green wonder if you have an unhealthy gut because it is exactly what your hurting gut needs.


Broccoli is a wonderful, nutritious vegetable that can be prepared in various ways to appetizingly complement any lasagne.  The addition of broccoli will increase the nutritional value of the meal when serving lasagne. 

Avoid serving broccoli in a sauce when paired with lasagne as the meal as a whole will become too heavy and rich. 

Serve broccoli in a light a nutritious way and ensure that your preparation method maintains the maximum nutritional content of this wondrous vegetable.  When using broccoli as the filling for your lasagne, try roasting to enhance the flavor. 

Whether inside or on the side, broccoli and lasagne are harmoniously complementary, and they, therefore, go together splendidly!


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