Does Broccoli Go with Fish?

This is a grilled fish filet with pieces of broccoli on the side.

Broccoli is the ultimate green vegetable. I typically enjoy it as a side dish with meat and chicken, and I have had it a few times with shellfish like shrimp. But if I want something different like hake or salmon, I wonder, does broccoli go with fish?

Broccoli goes with all fish, if not directly within the list of ingredients for the recipe; it makes a tasty side dish by roasting, stir-frying, steaming, or tossing it into a salad. It adds nutrition to your plate and gives you variety in texture and flavor.

Listed below are some delicious ways to incorporate broccoli and fish together:

Fish with Broccoli Foil Packs

You can cook broccoli and any fish of your choice in the oven or on the grill. The flavors of the fish, broccoli, and seasonings will marry and taste incredibly delicious together.

Here are some fish with broccoli foil packs recipes to try:

Baked Fish with Broccoli

Baked fish and broccoli are similar to the foil packs and also work with any fish. However, you don’t need the foil for this. Adding broccoli to the baking dish or eating it on the side of baked fish is an excellent complimentary vegetable.

Here are some baked fish with broccoli recipes to try:

Fish and Broccoli Pasta

You can use your fried or baked fish and break or cut it up to add to pasta with broccoli. The fish and broccoli take on each other’s flavors, and the textures add an interesting depth to your pasta. Alternatively, you can have mac and cheese broccoli pasta as a side with your main fish meal.

Here are some fish and broccoli pasta recipes to try:

Broccoli and Fish With Rice

Fish with rice is a staple combination. Try eating some broccoli with that, and you get a 5-star meal. You get an even tastier, more wholesome meal if you cook the broccoli together with the fish.

Here are some broccoli and fish with rice recipes to try:

Fish with Broccoli Rice

Fish and broccoli are a fantastic option with rice, as mentioned above. But if you need to skip the rice or looking for a healthier alternative, turn your broccoli into the rice and serve your fish with it. Broccoli rice is an excellent option if you don’t enjoy biting into pieces of broccoli florets.

Here are some broccoli rice recipes to try with fish:

Fried Fish and Broccoli

Most people prefer baked or grilled fish. But if you want to add broccoli to your fish meal, one way to extract the most flavor from both the broccoli and fish is by pan-frying them together. They release their juices, which combine with the added seasoning, and you get a lip-smacking plate of food!

Here are some fried fish and broccoli recipes to try:

Fish Tacos with Broccoli Slaw

If you enjoy fish tacos but still want to make sure to get your green florets, you can make a broccoli slaw and have it with tacos. The slaw is delicious with tacos, and the flavors mingle while you still get to have your favorite Mexican food, seafood style!

Here are some fish tacos with broccoli slaw recipes to try:

Tuna Fish and Broccoli

You can eat tuna and broccoli in several delicious ways. They go well together in a salad, in rice, pasta, and even casseroles. Tuna has a very distinctive flavor and goes well with your green florets because the broccoli simmers down the strength of the tuna flavor without reducing its flavor.

In contrast, the tuna adds flavor to your bland grassy broccoli.

Here are some tuna fish and broccoli recipes to try:

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Salmon Fish and Broccoli

Salmon is a worldwide favorite from the fish category and goes with broccoli in various foods such as grills, casseroles, pasta, stir fry, rice bowls, and many more. Broccoli also works wonderfully as a side dish alongside your favorite salmon dish.

Here are some salmon fish, and broccoli recipes to try:

Fish Dip with Broccoli

Broccoli is tasty when you eat it with a dip. You can use raw broccoli for this, or even steamed, roasted, or fried green florets. Regardless if you make a tuna dip, any regular fillet fish, or salmon dip, you can enjoy dipping your broccoli and any other veg in it.

Here are some fish dip with broccoli recipes to try:

Fish Stew with Broccoli

Fish stew is delicious because you can add a bunch of other vegetables like broccoli right into the stew, and the flavors all marinate and absorb the seasonings, which give you a hearty, comforting dish. Broccoli also adds an interesting texture to your basic fish stew.

Here are some fish stew with broccoli recipes to try:

Fish Curry with Broccoli

Fish curry, similarly to fish stew, is delicious with broccoli. The broccoli gives a unique texture to your basic fish curry and adds creaminess to your creamy fish curry. The flavors marinate, and the broccoli absorbs the seasonings and sauce from the curry, which gives you less bland broccoli.

Broccoli is also an excellent side dish to fish curry by itself or as a salad.

Here are some fish curry with broccoli recipes to try:

Cod Fish and Broccoli

Broccoli goes pretty much with any fish you get out there. It makes a beautiful addition to codfish meals and can add layers of unique texture and flavor to your codfish.

Here are some codfish and broccoli recipes to try:

Tilapia Fish and Broccoli

Tilapia fish takes on broccoli like a champ. Broccoli works as a side dish for tilapia meals and goes well in a casserole together.

Here are some tilapia fish and broccoli recipes to try:

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