Do Strawberries And Milk Go Together

A glass of strawberry milkshake.

Even though one is a delicious, fruity, and slightly acidic “solid” fruit and the other is well, “liquid” milk, this pairing works on several levels. We can give most of the credit to the milk, which is used as sort of a “base” ingredient in many of the recipes strawberries are a part of.

How Strawberries And Milk Are Two Very Different Foods

The answer to this seems quite apparent, as one is a plant while the other is a mammal by-product. One is a liquid, and the other is solid. But there are several other differences as well, which impact how the two different ingredients impact the recipes they are in, and especially when the two of them are together.

One example is that the acid in the strawberries curdles the milk. Actually, there are five different acids, but let’s just focus on the effect. There are several ways to go around it, but that’s just how the two different food chemistries react to each other.

The visual difference (one element of texture) is also quite striking. Apart from being a liquid, milk’s white color is also quite a contrast to the strawberry’s beautiful red. This actually works in most cases, as milk usually absorbs the color and doesn’t clash in most mixtures these two ingredients are a part of.

When it comes to taste, milk and strawberries are significantly further apart on the spectrum. Even the freshest, best-quality milk is just slightly sweet and mostly bland. It doesn’t have its own strong flavor, which allows it to combine with a variety of other ingredients in innumerable recipes. Its fat content and nutritional make-up are also the reasons why it’s used in so many recipes. Strawberries, on the other hand, have a very characteristic taste that doesn’t make them nearly as versatile as an ingredient as milk.

Another reason why milk is very different from strawberries is its consistency. When it comes to strawberries, there are few different “consistencies” you can turn it into without losing too much flavor. Milk, on the other hand, can attain several different consistencies on the liquid scale.

Strawberry And Milk Food Pairings

Strawberry and milk (thanks to its universality as an ingredient) go together in a number of different food groups and recipes. But let’s start with the most obvious one: Milkshake.

But there is one thing about this pairing that you should keep in mind. Pure strawberries mixed with pure milk will have the curdling effect, which, even though it can be bypassed, casts a shadow over this pairing.

Milkshake (Or Smoothie): A milkshake is the most natural pairing since one of them is the default ingredient. Milkshakes can be made with virtually any fruit, but strawberry milkshake is very common. The mixture can be augmented with several different things, but even if you are just going with strawberries, milk, and some sugar, you can whip it up quite quickly.

Bread: An unusual food item to combine the two ingredients, but a few Japanese recipes make the two work together. Milk is added to the dough for the bread, and strawberry filling is used.

Cakes: Technically, cheesecakes and any cake where the cream is used (and strawberry is an ingredient) combines the two quite nicely. There are other, more specific cakes, like Tres leches strawberry cake, that combine the two in a more “active” manner.

Pudding And Custards: Strawberry pudding is quite a common pairing of these two ingredients. As for custards, it’s primarily a milk-based dish, and it can “absorb” strawberries in a variety of manners, i.e., as a flavor, chunks, toppings, etc.

Cookies: Strawberry milkshake cookies might seem like a stretch to combine the two, but it is another dish that takes advantage of the two ingredients.

Other Desserts: There are many other desserts made with strawberry and milk (apart from pudding and custards and cakes).

Recipes That Combine Strawberries And Milk

When you search for strawberries and milk recipes, the most common recipe you’ll find will (unironically) be the strawberry milk recipe. So, it seems natural to start with it or a popular variant of it.

Korean Strawberry Milk

The popularity of Korean strawberry milk in Korea during the summers is due to the abundance of the fruit in the country and the cafés that offer it. In contrast to the genuine strawberries in ordinary strawberry milk, Korean strawberry milk is manufactured entirely of strawberries. There are no additives and no unusual processing involved in the ingredients.

Korean strawberry milk is characterized by a small handful of fresh strawberries that impart a little texture to the milk. Fresh strawberries, with their strawberry taste, contribute a lot to this strawberry milk’s flavor. Fresh or frozen strawberries are gently cooked until they come to a boil and the syrup is produced. This helps thicken the strawberry puree just a touch, producing a syrupy consistency that is sweet and jam-like but not too viscous to be spread like jam.

Finally, it’s the milk. Dairy milk is typically used in Korea, but you may use any type of milk for this homemade strawberry milk. Ensure you give it a chance to separate before adding the milk. In Korea, the beverage is given in two separate servings. Thus it has to be stirred well before consuming. Homemade coconut milk was absolutely fantastic in this dish. A wonderful vegan strawberry coconut milk was created with this!

Strawberry Milk Pie

Pour ¾ pound of fresh strawberries (chopped) and ¾ cup of sugar into a medium saucepan, then bring the mixture to a boil over medium heat. Thicken the mix by cooking it until it is the consistency of maple syrup, and will coat the back of a spoon, about 25 minutes.

Remove from the heat and combine the mixture using an immersion blender until smooth. Bring cream (one and a half cups), milk (one cup), and salt (one-eight of a teaspoon, kosher) to a simmer. Whisking constantly, heat the mixture until it begins to steam over medium-low heat. Never boil. Take off the heat.

To make 1 cup of cold water, add ⅓ cup of cold water to a small dish. Two teaspoon gelatin (unflavored) can be sprinkled on top; allow the mixture to sit for 5 minutes. Blend the gelatin mixture into the strawberry mixture until all of the gelatin has been included. Incorporate extracts of vanilla and almond, half and quarter teaspoons, respectively.

Using All-Butter Piecrust, pour strawberry filling into the crust. The dish should be refrigerated for at least 6 hours or overnight before serving, top with whipped cream and strawberries.

Final Words

Strawberries and milk go together swimmingly in a broad spectrum of food items and recipes, thanks to milk’s bland test and versatility. You should try this pairing and see how it works for you in different recipes.

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