Do Strawberries And Cottage Cheese Go Together

Cottage cheese dumplings with strawberries.

It might not seem like a very unlikely combination, but you will be surprised to see how many ways and in how many different recipes strawberries and cottage cheese go together. Ironically, if the contrast is the reason why this unusual pairing works, but strawberries and cottage cheese don’t always go together. If you try to combine them in new and experimental ways, the results might not always be what you desired.

Strawberries and Cottage Cheese: A Contrast In Taste And Texture

Strawberries and cottage cheese have many differences and relatively few similarities. If you are looking for palatable pairings, it’s a good idea to see how these two compare in different characteristics, primarily food and texture.


When it comes to taste, strawberries have relatively few true “rivals” and are comparable, even in the fruit realm. Strawberries in season and at peak ripeness are delicious, sweet, and juicy, with a hint of acidity (ranging from mild to bracingly acidic depending on maturity and variety). You’ll experience a large rush of sweetness in your tongue when you bite into one of these plump and juicy red berries.

Cottage cheese has a salty and creamy flavor. If you want to try cottage cheese without being too daring, go for one with a 4 percent milkfat level. It’s the creamiest and hence the most likely to be tolerated by those who have never had cottage cheese.

In reality, the amount of milk fat in the cottage determines its flavor. Cottage cheese with a higher fat level has a milkier flavor, whereas low-fat cottage cheese has a sourer flavor.


Strawberries look and feel amazing. The fruit gives off a feeling of freshness.  The hue of strawberries ranges from deep red to red-orange. Fruit should be completely pigmented, with no white or green tips, for each variety. The color of the calyx is also crucial. The calyx should stay healthy and green.

The flesh itself is soft, juicy, and the color is usually golden-orange. The “seeds” are what define strawberry’s characteristic consistency, i.e., gritty and sandy.

It doesn’t present a “tasty image,” but cottage cheese has a soupy texture (don’t worry, it doesn’t taste nearly as bitter). It is also creamy and non-homogeneous. The loose curds have a moist, semi-firm feel that lingers in the tongue long after the cheese has been chewed. There are two types of cottage cheese consistency: dry and wet, which are available in a wide variety of flavors.


Normally, we wouldn’t have bothered comparing the two foods when it comes to smell, but we have to, for the sake of cottage cheese. Apparently, its smell is a real deal-breaker for many.

Other fruits contain the odor compounds that give strawberries their scent and flavor, but strawberries’ relative contribution is unique. Even though many people would describe a strawberry as smelling sweet or fruity, the aroma of a fresh strawberry is the result of around a dozen different aroma compounds.

Cottage cheese, on the other hand, smells bad to a lot of people, many of which compare to the odor of spew, which sounds very disgusting. But even people who don’t go that far often complain that cottage cheese smells like milk that has been spoilt, which is understandable, but they are unable to embrace the process that goes into making cottage cheese and thus, can’t get over the smell.

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Different Types Of Food Where Strawberries And Cottage Cheese Go Together

As you might have gathered, the contrast between the two foods is quite striking, so they don’t go together very well for some of the more obvious pairings.

In a bowl, for example. You might not be able to enjoy either if you try eating them side by side. The clash of smells alone might put you off your appetite.

Thanks to the obvious differences, they won’t go together well in shakes, jams, preserves, and several other “recipe” groups. But they do go together quite well in a number of desserts and a few salads.

Strawberry And Cottage Cheese Salad (Pink Lady Salad)

Cottage cheese, canned pineapple, and Cool Whip are among the five ingredients in this vintage Jello salad. Combine cool whip, drained crushed pineapple, cottage cheese, chopped almonds, and dry strawberry Jello mix in a large mixing basin. Allow 1 hour for the salad to set in the refrigerator before serving. Pineapple is not a necessary ingredient, and you can easily make the same salad without the orange fruit adding extra “fruitiness.” A variation of its also called strawberry fluff. Either way, it’s a low-calorie treat, hence the title of “salad.”


Strawberry and Cottage Cheese can be mixed together in several different desserts. A few of the most common ones are:

Parfait: An ingredient-rich dessert that includes both cottage cheese and strawberries is called the strawberry, cottage cheese, and whole wheat cereal parfait. Apart from the three ingredients in the name, it requires Greek yogurts, peanuts, vanilla extract, lemon juice, and honey. The strawberries are used to make an internal layer and the topping.

Strawberry Cottage Cheese Cake: This yummy dessert utilizes both strawberries and cottage cheese to their fullest strengths. The cottage cheese makes for a lighter texture than the one typical cream cheese offers to such cakes while retaining the desert consistency of a cheesecake. Strawberries are used as the topping, covered in a strawberry jam to give the double-punch flavor.

Light Strawberry Cubes: Not exactly a dessert per se, but a sweet starter you might want to try if you want to combine strawberry and cottage cheese. The strawberries are cut into small cubes, and the cotton cheese (mixed with buttermilk) is used to make a mixture that’s poured over the strawberry cubes, though there is more to the recipe than just that.


Do strawberries and cottage cheese go together? Yes, but not very often, and not in a broad range of food pairings, but they can be combined into some tasty desserts and salad. If you look deep into the internet’s rabbit hole of recipes, you might find other pairings as well.

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