Do Squirrels Eat Blackberries? How to Prevent This from Happening

A branch full of blackberries.

Squirrels are a constant annoyance. They devour your tomatoes, torture pets and gardeners, and are acrobatic rats under a different name.

They take away bird seed from bird feeders, munch corn, steal tomatoes, and dig up flower bulbs on a regular basis. Nothing beats discovering freshly planted tulip bulbs torn from the garden bed and resting on the mulch with one bite bitten out of each. Why not eat the whole plant if they’re going to go to the trouble of digging the bulbs out?

Squirrels won’t even leave your precious blackberries alone. Therefore, you must set up your defenses to protect the precious fruit from the pesky little creatures. We have discussed a few methods to prevent squirrels from eating blackberries.

How to Prevent Squirrels from Eating Blackberries

· Cover Blackberries with Mesh

You’re inviting squirrels to munch all day long if your garden isn’t walled in and enclosed with a material such as chicken wire. If you can’t afford or don’t have enough space to build a huge enclosure, garden mesh rolls will come in handy.

Squirrels love to eat your vegetables, fruits, and garden plants, so use garden netting to keep them away. Just before the fruits ripen, wrap this over smaller trees. We’ve also used it to wrap over the plants in our smaller garden beds, such as tomatoes and strawberries. This will prevent squirrels and birds from stealing all of your produce and digging up your plants.

· Use Enclosed Containers

Squirrels will try to get through everything, so you should try to enclose your plants fully if possible. Make sure it’s well-protected from all sides and above. They can also dig, so if you’re planted in a raised bed with a wood plank side, they won’t be able to get in.

However, construct a fully enclosed area above ground using materials such as wood, PVC tubing, chicken wire, and other similar materials. You can get some inspiration from Pinterest.

· Add Plants that Will Drive Squirrels Away

Plant marigolds, daffodils, geraniums, hyacinth, and lily-of-the-valley are among the flowers that squirrels don’t like. Plant a few of these in your garden to deter the pesky creatures from coming near your blackberries.

Plants with a strong odor, such as peppermint, garlic, onion, or pepper, are also off-putting to squirrels. Try planting them in your garden for your own pleasure rather than theirs.

· Use Repellants or Deterrents

Squirrel repellents come in a variety of forms. Squirrel predator urine-based repellents or deterrents are easily available in the market. For instance, red fox urine can be bought from Amazon.

Natural ingredients can also be used. For instance, peppermint has a pungent odor that squirrels dislike. Peppermint essential oils can be used in the same way that a live peppermint plant can dissuade them.

Soak cotton balls in peppermint oil and lay them on jar lids around plants that squirrels like in your garden. The baits will have to be re-soaked on a regular basis.

You can also produce a peppermint essential oil spray by combining one drop of peppermint essential oil with one ounce of vinegar and spraying it on outdoor hard surfaces.

Peppermint essential oil can also be mixed with other essential oils to generate a mosquito repellent spray at home.

You can also deter squirrels from coming near your blackberries by using a solution of

white distilled vinegar or apple cider vinegar and water. Mix one part water and one part vinegar in a bowl. Spray the plants and leaves of the blackberries with the mixture.

Do not spray areas of the plant that you intend to consume. To avoid leaf burn, it’s best to use low-concentration vinegar. Also, avoid spraying during the warmest portion of the day.

After it rains, you will need to reapply the vinegar mixture to the plants to ensure the aroma stays in the garden to keep the squirrels away.

· Do Not Use Things that Attract Them

Squirrels will stay indefinitely if they can locate plenty of food that is easy to get to. It will be easier if the buffet is kept to a minimum. Keep bird feeders, cat and dog food, and other pet food out of your yard. All trash, yard clippings, and compost piles should be covered and contained.

· Install Decoys

To keep squirrels away from your blackberries, use decoys like fake snakes and owls. Get some fake snakes and put them near the blackberries. However, squirrels are perceptive, and if you put your fake snake in the same position all the time, they will ultimately figure out it isn’t alive. Keep changing the location, position, or shape of the snake to keep them guessing.

Can Cats Keep Squirrels Away From Your Blackberries?

Yes, cats can certainly keep squirrels away. However, squirrels are resilient, and some smaller cats are wise enough to leave them alone. It doesn’t mean they won’t challenge a squirrel; rather, it means they won’t assault one. The good news is that squirrels aren’t aware of this, and a cat’s presence is generally all it takes.

Final Thoughts

Squirrels may look to be cuddly little mammals with fluffy tails, but their destructive feeding habits and digging can cause difficulties in the home landscape. Despite their non-threatening manner, squirrels devour fruit tree buds, reduce productivity and inhibit new growth.

If you don’t employ the right defense against these annoying animals of the wild, they will take away your blackberries, and when the harvesting season comes, you won’t have a lot of fruit left to enjoy nutritious smoothies or delicious fruit salad.

Therefore, to keep squirrels away, use cover blackberries with mesh, put physical decoys, like fake owls or snakes, in your garden, install containers, or spray the plants with natural repellents like peppermint oil and vinegar mixture. This will help you protect your berries and ensure that you get a good yield at the end of the season – your hard work will pay off.

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