Do Plums And Strawberries Go Together

Plums and strawberries on two wooden bowls.

Unlike strawberries that adhere to a specific red tone for both the outside of the fruit and the flesh (apart from some white strawberries), plums come in a variety of color tones. And some of these colors compliment the strawberry’s red color very well when they go together as toping or decorations on a fruit.

But what about the taste?

Plums and strawberries can go together, but how well their tastes complement each other depends on the dish. So let’s look at some of the dishes that use both strawberries and plums.

Jam: It should come as no surprise that you can make a jam with both strawberries and plums. Out of all the berries, strawberries are perhaps the most “beloved” of all jam makers, despite the lack of pectin. And strawberries can make jams with a variety of fruits, plums included. The combination also works because plums are rich in pectin, and when you put the two together in a recipe, you don’t have to use pectin separately. The jam is usually completely organic and a great way to preserve both fruits for a very long time.

Three plums and strawberry jams you might consider trying are:

Crumble: When it comes to simple desserts that are not very “picky” about what you put in them, crumbles tend to be somewhere near the top. They are deceptively simple, and the fruit filling can incorporate a number of different (sometimes weird) combinations unless they are too watery, like watermelon. Plums and strawberries also go well together in a crumble. Oats are another crucial part of this recipe.

Crumb Cake: While there is a lot of overlap between the two, the crumb cake is different from crumble. In taste, consistency, and even how and when it’s served. One similarity is that you can just as successfully make a decent crumb cake using plums and strawberries. The two fruits are mixed together (with the sweetness accentuated by chocolate chips) and go into the batter.

The recipe for making strawberries and plum crumb cake is:

Pie: Any list of desserts, especially desserts that rely upon fruits for composition and filling, seems incomplete without the pie. Strawberry pies are very common, but you can put a twist in the recipes by combining them with fresh plums. What’s more, you can also use sour plums to make up a strawberry-plum pie, so if you got a sour batch of these tasty fruits and you don’t know what you can do with it, a pie would be your answer.

Smoothie: When it comes to consistency, smoothies lie somewhere between proper liquids and solids. You can make them runny if you blend them too much, but that takes away a lot from them, especially when you are combining two tender-flesh fruits like plums and strawberries. Most strawberry-plum recipes use milk as the base, but if you are not comfortable with dairy milk, you might consider looking into alternatives (like almond milk). Strawberries can also be included in a smoothie made with plums and apples.

Examples of plum-strawberry smoothies are:

Tarts: Tarts also allow you to combine the two fruits together. One of the tart recipes we found tries to stay true to the term “tart” and doesn’t use any sugar. Honey is used instead to sweeten the final dessert, but you can control the sweetness by choosing the right fruits. If you need your tart to come out overly sweet, go for ripe strawberries and sweet plums like Mirabelle. For tarts where the slightly strong sour flavor reflects, you can go for early-season berries and different plums.

The recipe for the tart is:

Salad: Making a salad is easy. You can just chop a bunch of raw fruits and vegetables together and put them in a bowl. It’s healthy and breezy. But making a good, tasteful salad where different fruits and vegetables complement the taste of one another, instead of masking it and making it into a combination that clashes with your taste buds. There are a number of salads that use both plums and strawberries. Some of them have these fruits with one or two others as the core of the salad; others are more inclusive and have a wide variety of other components, which essentially drown these two in the combined flavor.

Three salads that use both plums and strawberries are:

If you manage to get your hands on some delicious plums and ripe, sweet strawberries, there is a wide variety of combinations you can try. You can go for healthy and uncooked combinations like salads and smoothies or baked dishes like cakes and crumble.

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