Do Plums And Cinnamon Go Together

Fresh plums and cinnamon sticks.

While not nearly as powerful (and useful) as the spice from “Dune,” cinnamon is quite well-known and actively used around the globe in a variety of dishes. Two types of Cinnamon (Ceylon and Saigon) are among the 50 most used spices around the globe. It’s used for cooking and baking, and it’s mostly cherished for its aroma contribution to the dish.

Since it’s a spice and not another fruit or other active ingredient that competes with plum for the centerpiece position, there is a wide variety of dishes where both plums and cinnamon go well together, and it includes more than just desserts.

Roasted Cinnamon Plums: It’s a relatively exotic dish and not very common in the US, but if you manage to get your hands on some nice juicy plums and you are not looking to make something too sweet (like a proper dessert), roasted cinnamon plums can be the way to go. The recipes are simple enough and only use a handful of ingredients (apart from plums and cinnamon). Brown sugar is a popular common ingredient in most roasted plums recipes.

Three examples would be:

Stewed Plums: If you are looking for something other than a plum dessert that’s cooked but not roasted, stewed plums might be what you are looking for. You can cook these delicious fruits up in a mixture of sugar, salt, and water. Another popular alternative is orange juice, which would decidedly be a healthier option. And most recipes use cinnamon for seasoning.

Three stewed plums with cinnamon recipes are:

Jam: A plum may not be the first fruit that comes to mind when you are trying to make a jam, but it’s definitely on the list. It shares a lot of characteristics, especially when it comes to taste, with berries that are a popular choice when it comes to jams. And it also has a lot of pectin content which ensures that you can get the jam’s consistency right without adding any additional pectin to the recipe (however, some recipes do call for it). The cinnamon can become part of the mix, enriching the natural aroma of the plum jam, and in most cases, it’s used in the ground form.

Two plum jams with cinnamon recipes are:

Cake: Cinnamon on the cake is not a very popular option, but since cinnamon is mostly there for its aroma and adding a bit of kick to the underlying flavor, it can be found in a decent number of cake recipes. There are several different types of cakes you can make with plums (and with cinnamon as part of the recipe), including a crumble and a vegan cake. Ground cinnamon is used in most recipes, and it’s mixed with flour. You can say that in these plum cakes, cinnamon is more thoroughly “infused” with the cake element.

Four plum and cinnamon cakes you might consider trying are:

Trifle: Trifle is another dessert that might not seem very open to cinnamon, but you can find trifle recipes that utilize both cinnamon and plums. That includes both regular trifles and pudding trifles. Plum is a major part of these trifles and the main influence on the taste and composition of the trifle, whereas cinnamon is more about the seasoning. The recipes range from relatively simple with only a few ingredients to quite complex with several ingredients.

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Three plum trifle and cinnamon examples are:

Muffins: If you are in the mood for making portable little muffins to take to work or simply serve with tea, you can make some with plums and muffins. Different recipes incorporate plums differently. Some ask for plum chunks to be mixed with the batter, while others require you to simply add a layer of plum slices as filling in the muffin (before baking). Cinnamon is usually mixed with the batter, and its flavor is distributed more evenly.

Examples of plum muffins with cinnamon recipes are:

Ice Cream: You can make a delicious roast plum ice cream that uses cinnamon for seasoning. Most such ice cream recipes require roasted plums. So if you don’t have your fill of plum-based desserts that use cinnamon for seasoning and aroma, you can cap it off with delicious ice cream.

Three plum ice creams with cinnamon are:

As a spice, cinnamon’s presence in all the above dishes is significantly more subdued compared to plum, which is the added ingredient. But that subtlety is not without its merits. It adds to a dish without disturbing its primary taste characteristics, accentuates some elements of the dish, and gives it a highly inviting aroma.

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