Do Plums And Blueberries Go Together

Plums, blueberries and blackberries together.

Plums and blueberries – A seemingly unusual combination, but you will be surprised to find how well it goes together in certain dishes. Although most of the recipes you would find (where plums and blueberries go together well) are from one particular class of desserts.

Let’s take a look at some of the dishes which allow for the combination of plums and blueberries to result in a tasty treat.

A Cobbler: The cobbler is a very accommodating dessert. As its primary characteristic is a “fruit filling,” it allows for a decent number of fruit combinations, and plums and blueberries are no exception. The actual dish is plum and berry cobbler, in which you can use the whole range of berries or stick with one, in this case, blueberries. Most recipes allow you to swap the berries with one another, but you can also try and mix it up. The recipes call for a sizeable portion of plums (ideally ripe), but if you got your hands on some tart ones, you might have to lean more heavily on the sweet content of the recipe to make sure the cobbler turns outright.

Two examples of plum and blueberry cobblers are:

Cakes: Plums and blueberries go together well in upside-down cakes. The cake gets its name from the method of its baking. It’s baked over a layer of fruit (which in this case are sliced plums) and is inverted (turned upside down) when serving so the fruit layer is at the top. The blueberries go into the center, which makes for both an exciting aesthetic arrangement and taste distribution: Edges of the cake are plum while the center is blueberries. The small berries can also be used to fill in any gaps left by the plum slices, so you can taste the two together.

Two plums and blueberry upside cake recipes you might consider trying are:

Crisp: Since the two fruits go well together in a cobbler, it should come as no surprise that they also make a wonderful crisp. Some of these recipes allow you to swap blueberries for any other berries. You can also add ice cream (if the sweetness of the crisp is not sweet enough for you) to one of the plums and blueberry-crisp recipes. Other ingredients like coconut can be used to augment the flavor.

Plum and blueberry crisp examples are:

Roasted Plums: If you are adamant about a primarily plums dish which also incorporates blueberries, roasted plums might be the way to go. Plums are the star of this dish, and blueberries are the side characters, but they contribute quite significantly to the taste. Blueberries are not just added to the dish on top (like they are in some desserts), they are heated until they break down, and their juiciness contributes to the syrup-like consistency of the roasted plums.

Two different ways to make roasted plums with blueberries are:

Galette: While the galette is technically a cake, but it’s very different from upside-down cakes mentioned above or any other type of cake. It’s a French free-form crusty cake with fruity filling. And that filling can include both plums and blueberries. The recipe leans more heavily towards blueberries and less towards plums (in about a three-to-one volume ratio).

The blueberry-plum galette recipes you might want to try:

Tarts: Blueberry-plum tart is more plum heavy. In one of the recipes, there is about three times more plum (by weight) than blueberries. It can be augmented by almonds. Other than the inversion of fruit ratios, the recipe is quite similar to the galette.

The recipe is:

Pudding: Blueberries and plum go very well together in a pudding, but these are not the only two fruits in that mix: Raspberries and blackberries can be there too (based on the recipe). One recipe also uses bread as a thick base. Whipped cream is another optional ingredient that can be used in both recipes.

Two pudding recipes in which plums and blueberries go together are:

Smoothie: Smoothies offer one of the best ways to combine fruits: Blending them together until neither fruit remains distinctive. And you can throw in any number of fruits together in a smoothie, including plums and blueberries.

Two smoothies that incorporate both fruits are:

Popsicle: If a smoothie is not enough to dispel the heat, you might consider a homemade popsicle made out of refreshing plums and blueberries. This recipe requires you to cook both fruits together until they are practically melded into each other. The combination can be put into any shape mold you prefer.

The recipe is:

Plums and blueberries go together very well in some dishes, and if you want to check out this combo, the recipes in this article should give you a good starting point.

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