Do Blackberries And Strawberries Go Together

Blackberries and strawberries on a wooden table.

As they are both “berries,” them going together in a recipe or even in a bowl might seem natural, but it mostly depends on the dish you are trying to prepare. They both differ quite a bit in color, feel, taste, and smell, and that’s why they don’t always work together in a recipe, and though sometimes, one can be replaced with another, that doesn’t always work.

Let’s take a look at some of the dishes you can prepare with blackberries and see whether strawberries can go well in those dishes or not.

Apple & blackberry crumble: It’s one of the most famous and beloved blackberry dishes, but it already has another fruit in it, and it’s not strawberry. Ironically, it’s one of the recipes where you can replace blackberries with strawberries (with some adjustments). But forcing both strawberries and blackberries together in one crumble might not work very well.

Two of the recipes we found that you might consider trying are:

Fresh Fruit Tart: As the name suggests, this dessert is more open to multiple fruits, and blackberries and strawberries go very well together in this, along with some other fruits. Strawberries tend to make the bottom-most layer, and raspberries reign from the top (it’s a taste-based choice as well as an aesthetic one). The berries are neither cooked together nor, in most practical scenarios, eaten together in this recipe (thanks to the multiple fruit layers in between.

One recipe of this fresh fruit tart is:

Blackberry Coulis: Blackberry coulis is a wonderful fruit sauce that can be paired with several other desserts, ice cream, and even pancakes. This dish can be made with blackberries and strawberries exclusively, as well as both of them melded together, complimenting each other. Since the fruit is boiled and turned into a puree with a blender, there is a lot of flexibility to combine strawberries and blackberries together.

Examples of the recipe are (both combined and exclusive):

Blackberry Crumb/Crumble Pie: Strawberry Blackberry “Crumb” pie is another dish where blackberries and strawberries go together tastily. The ratio of strawberries to blackberries leans more towards strawberries (at least in the recipe we found, about 4:1 cups) for the filling. The blackberry “crumble” pie, however, is made with blackberries and blueberries, no strawberries with their “red-ness.”

The two recipes are:

  • Recipe 1(Strawberry and blackberry crumb pie)
  • Recipe 2(Black and Blueberry crumble pie)

Fresh Fruit Tart: Again, it’s a dish that “opens its arms” (technically, the pan) to a lot of different fruits, including blackberries and strawberries. However, the pairing is primarily for the topping, and based on how you place the two on the pie; you might not even consume them together.

Examples of the recipes we found are:

Blackberry Strawberry Oatmeal Crumble/Bars: With the “mediating” oatmeal, blackberries and strawberries combine quite well in this dish. The berries make up the filling (combined). Like most other recipes, the sugar content would be swayed by how sweet your berries are.

The recipes are:

Blackberry-Strawberry Pudding: A pudding is another great way to combine these two berries together. In most of the blackberry-strawberry pudding recipes, the two berries are almost equal (volume-to-volume), so the taste “representation” is homogenous. You can also use the two as toppings while serving the pudding.

The two recipes you might want to try are:

Try sticking to blackberry the berry, and don’t try any of the above recipes with blackberry the phone. The cost might be too high the results would be disastrous.

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