Do Blackberries And Chocolate Go Together

Chocolate cake with blackberries on top.

Blackberries combine sweetness (when they are ripe) and a bit of sourness (when they are not) in a tasty way. The chocolate does the same with sweetness and bitterness. But as for both of them going together, it mostly depends upon the type of dish we are trying to make.

Let’s take a look at some of the blackberry dishes and see whether chocolate goes well with them or not:

Blackberry Tarts: Tarts allow you to combine blackberry and chocolates in a few interesting ways. You can use blackberry in the filling, as a topping on a dark chocolate pastry, etc. You might even consider using chocolate as an additive in a blackberry tart.

A few examples where blackberries and chocolate go together in tarts are:

Blackberry Cocktails: Blackberry cocktails are a great way to freshen up your summer gatherings. These refreshing treats can be complemented with chocolates, but you have to be very careful, lest you make the cocktail too sweet a drink for your taste. In many of the recipes, you will probably be using chocolate liqueur or syrup.

Two blackberry cocktails (with chocolate) recipes you might want to try are:

Blackberry Milkshake: Blackberry milkshake might not be as popular as its strawberry counterparts, but it’s still a tasty delight and can become even sweeter with chocolate added into the mix. You can use the berries as a topping on a chocolate milkshake, make a blackberry syrup to go along with the chocolate milkshake or blend the two together. You can also use cholate liquids in a blackberry milkshake.

Three examples we found of milkshakes where blackberries and chocolate go together are:

Blackberry Muffins: Muffins allow blackberries and chocolate to go together in a nice fluffy treat in a few different ways. You can mix the two together to make the muffin (along with several other ingredients) and add the chocolate content of the muffin with chocolate chips. White chocolate muffins can be made with blackberry filling. And there are other pairings as well.

Three recipes of blackberry muffins with chocolate that you can try are:

Blackberry Cake: Most of the blackberry cake recipes you will find will usually be chocolate cakes with blackberries as toppings. You can also go the other way around and use chocolate chips or other chocolate toppings on a blackberry cake. This will retain one as the “core” flavor and the other as the complimenting one. You might find cakes, where blackberries are chocolate, are more involved.

Two example recipes are:

Blackberry Jam: That’s not a very beloved pairing because jams are supposed to be fruity, and chocolate introduces a bit more deep-seated sweetness to the mixture. Still, if you have a sweet tooth and the sweetness of the blackberries just won’t do, and you want to add chocolate to empower it, there are a few ways to do it.

Two recipes that combine chocolate in blackberry jams are:

Blackberry Pies: Pies are great in leveling the playing field for the two differently sweet ingredients. And they offer a range of combinations, from mild (using chocolate chips in a blackberry pie) to more aggressive combinations melding the two together.

Three pie dishes where blackberries and pie go together are:

Blackberry Salads: Using chocolate in a salad might actually defeat the purpose of eating a salad in the first place, so that’s not a pairing we would recommend. But some culinary innovators have found a way to combine these two unlikely ingredients in an even unlikelier dish anyway.

The salad recipe (where blackberry isn’t actually part of the salad) where the two come together is:

Blackberry Butter: Blackberry whipped butter pairs amazingly with a variety of snacks and other food items like bagels, bread, and pancakes. And it’s one of the blackberry dishes where chocolate has yet to find a way in.

Blackberry Pudding: A pudding offers a lot of flexibility to combine different ingredients, and blackberries and chocolate are no exception. These puddings are a bit different from the soft jiggly ones you might be used to, but the taste would be just as good (if not better).

Two pudding recipes where blackberries and chocolate go together are:

Blackberry Bread: Blackberries and chocolate go very well in bread, but these bread are more “bread” than other blackberry bread, and the berries and chocolates in these bread usually serve as chunks and toppings. But some recipes do take the combination more seriously and meld the to together more comprehensively.

The three blackberry-chocolate bread recipes you might want to try out are:

Blackberry Ice Cream: Since chocolate syrup can be put on virtually any ice cream, that’s the easiest way to explore this combination in the ice cream set. You can also add chocolate chunks in blackberry ice cream.

Three blackberry-chocolate ice creams you might want to try are:

Blackberries and chocolates can go together quite well in a variety of recipes, thanks mostly to the sweetness overlap and the universality of chocolate as an ingredient. But they should never be forced to go together in a recipe in a way that worsens the flavor of either.

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