Do Blackberries And Apples Go Together

Blackberries and apples.

As far as fruit pairings go, blackberries and apples are quite different, but there are also some overlaps. Both are juicy (albeit differently) and quite sweet when fully ripe (though it depends upon the type of apple as well). Where blackberries have a sour streak, apples sometimes have a slightly bitter flavor.

But yes, blackberries and apples do go together in a variety of dishes. A few of them are:

Blackberry Tarts: Whether you call it a blackberry and apple tart or an apple and blackberry tart (apple being the dominant ingredient), both fruits go very well together in this specific dessert item. The recipes differ a bit, but almost all offer fair representation to both blackberries and apples.

Three example recipes would be:

Blackberry Cocktails: Apples are not invited as in a blackberry’s “cocktail,” nor are blackberries used in any apple-based cocktails, even as garnishing. But if you stretch the definition of a cocktail to include the garnish in the cocktail recipe, the two fruits go together in a few cocktails.

Two cocktails where blackberries and apples go together (as garnish) are:

Blackberry Milkshake (Or Smoothies): The tartness of blackberries and the secondary bitterness of apple don’t go very well with dairy, so no milkshake combinations for the two. But both blackberries and apples go together in a few smoothies together. There might be a few other ingredients in the mix as well, but the two fruits dominate.

Three blackberry-apple smoothie recipes are:

Blackberry Muffins: A muffin is another food that welcomes the combination of apple and blackberries. In almost all muffin recipes, the two fruits are combined and added to the “batter” before baking. The combination apparently works well with the relatively dull muffin taste.

Two blackberry and apple muffin recipes you might consider giving a try are:

Blackberry Cake: Cakes offer even more flexibility compared to muffins, thanks mostly to the combined size and range of varieties. You can combine the two in a sponge cake, in a loaf, or a streusel cake (among others).

A few cake blackberry and apple cake recipes are:

Blackberry Jam: While apple jam is popular, it’s not nearly as common as jams made with berries like blackberries. And one blackberry jam variant is blackberry and apple jam. Most of the recipes we found used both blackberries and apples in equal weights. The combination also works great for jam because the high pectin content in apple offsets the lack of it in blackberries, and you don’t need to add it separately.

Two examples of blackberry and apple jams are:

Blackberry Pies: Under their hard exterior, pies are usually very mellow and inclusive and can accommodate a wide variety of food pairings, including blackberries and apples. The apple to blackberry ratio in a pie differs from recipe to recipe (and the fruit you naturally lean towards more). You can create a pie that’s more apple than blackberry yet still carries both flavors.

Three blackberry apple pie examples are:

Blackberry Salads: You would think that a fruit (apple) that promises to keep the “doctor” away would be welcome in most healthy salads, including blackberry salads, and you would be right. There are numerous ways to combine both blackberries and apples in a salad bowl, and you can chop/slice apples in several different ways, based on how you want them to diffuse in your blackberry salads.

Four blackberry salads with apples are:

Blackberry Butter: While it’s a very common combination in the realm of butter, but blackberries and apples do go together in a few butter recipes. The fruit butter combining the two is rich in nutrition.

Two ways to make blackberry and apple butter are:


Blackberry Pudding: Blackberries and apples go together in a decent variety of pies, and they have been for decades. The two might have different weight-to-weight ratios (depending on how you prepare the pudding), but thanks to the strong flavor that berries offer, they don’t have difficulty dominating the flavor, even alongside a large number of apples.

Three examples are:

Blackberry Bread: If you play fast and loose with the definition of bread (and blur the line between bread and cake), you get a lot of different blackberry bread with apples in them. But even if you don’t, blackberry bread with apples are easy enough recipes to find:

Two examples would be:

Blackberry Ice Cream: When it comes to ice cream, blackberry might be slightly more popular compared to apples, but the two work together quite well. You can combine the two in various ice cream recipes as both the core ingredients or simply add-ons.

Two ways to make blackberry-apple ice cream are:

Blackberries and apples go together surprisingly well in a wide array of recipes. And many combinations tend to be richer than they are for two berries.

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