Broccoli vs. Green Beans

Close-up of steamed broccoli and green beans.

Luckily, I was never one of those children who were forced to eat vegetables. I have always had a liking for vegetables, especially green beans. I never knew vegetables differed in attributes; I also didn’t know too much of a vegetable can be bad for you.

Let’s look at all the health pros and cons of Broccoli vs. Green Beans.

Broccoli may not taste better than green beans for most of us, but it has more health benefits. Broccoli is one of the top ten healthiest vegetables on the planet, ranking number three. Green beans do not even feature on this chart. Let us explore why this is.

Did you know? A cup of broccoli provides 116% of your daily vitamin K needs, and a cup of green beans has 1.03mg iron per cup. But that is not all these power vegetables have to offer.

Nutritional Value Broccoli vs. Green Beans

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Please don’t get me wrong broccoli and green beans are both great vegetables. Both provide great vitamins and minerals. Here is a comparison according to versus.

Nutrition per 100g for broccoli contains 2.29g protein, where green beans only contain 1.83g. Green beans take the lead with Iron at 1.03mg broccoli only has 0.73mg.

Although Broccoli leads when it comes to Vitamins, Green Beans takes the lead when it comes to Minerals. Since starting this article and research, I must admit that I have learned a few things I never even thought about. One can say that both these powerful greens have their pros and cons regarding the nutritional value and health benefits.

Broccoli vs. Green Beans Pros

Stewed broccoli and young beans in a frying pan.

As mentioned, Broccoli is one of the top ten healthiest veggies around. Broccoli is packed with both vitamins and minerals that can only help your healthy living routine. This is how Broccoli gained its title, according to Times of India:

  1. Broccoli is packed with immune-boosting properties
  2. Broccoli contributes towards fighting cholesterol
  3. Containing high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids which act as an anti-inflammatory
  4. Rich in antioxidants like vitamin C that contributes towards excellent immunity.
  5. Contributes to heart health
  6. Also, a fantastic contributor to skincare

It will be hard to explain all these pros to a three-year-old, but these pros sound fantastic as a young woman in her twenties. Let’s not forget about the ever so delicious green bean. Green beans may not be as powerful as broccoli, but they offer a fair number of health benefits, according to Medical News Today.

  1. Green beans contain loads of Iron. Iron from plant sources contributes towards promoting fertility.
  2. Feeling a bit down? Containing just the right amount of folate, green beans can help with lighting up your mood.
  3. Containing a high amount of chlorophyll contributing towards cancer prevention.
  4. Increased bone health
  5. Protecting your guts with their high fiber sources
  6. Immunity boosting characteristics
  7. Contributes towards eyecare

These two veggies both sound fantastic! Unfortunately, too much of anything is not good for you, including too much broccoli and green beans. Don’t tell your toddler about the cons of green beans and broccoli.

Broccoli vs. Green Beans cons

Green vegetables including broccoli and green beans stewed in a frying pan over a wood plank table.

Most of us know that once you have eaten a bit of broccoli you rather stay away from that new love in your life. For me, broccoli and gas go hand in hand.

 It isn’t very pleasant, but it’s true. Broccoli and green beans have far fewer cons than pros. The cons are only applicable if you consume a lot of broccoli, and I mean loads of the stuff.

According to Healthshots to much of this green power food can affect the functioning of your thyroid gland. We all dread gaining weight if you think about going on diet broccoli seems to be the perfect healthy food to include in your weight loss diet. Unfortunately, this veg contains thiocyanates, a dangerous compound that can lead to weight gain and hair loss.

Broccoli is high in fiber, which can lead to indigestion problems that can cause bloating and frequent gas. Believe me, that is not a nice problem to have, especially when sitting in the office.

Don’t get too excited green beans also have their cons. According to Prity Barman green beans contain lectins. This is a type of carbohydrate-binding protein and can be harmful to your body.

Green beans also contain phytic acid. This ingredient binds with minerals resulting in the lack of consumption. If you have a mineral deficiency, it is better to consult with your doctor before consuming too much of this green veggie.

Is this information making it more difficult for you to convince your toddler to eat their veggies? Don’t worry. The cons of these two veggies are only applicable if you eat way too much of them.

Let’s ask the question how much is too much when it comes to broccoli and green beans?

How Much Broccoli or Green Beans Are Too Much?

Green soup with broccoli, parsley, green beans, and zucchini on a white plate against a red background.

Scientists have been trying to figure this one out for quite some time. Scientists in Italy injected broccoli through an IV, and only after 100 cups of broccoli (per day) did it become harmful. Check out this fantastic video explaining this experiment.

If I’m honest, I won’t be eating 100 cups of broccoli in one day. I won’t leave the bathroom!

On the other hand, green beans do not seem to have a cap on the amount that can be consumed before it becomes harmful to your health.

Considering everything, consuming a fair amount of green beans and broccoli per day won’t be harmful.


Next time you need to convince your child to eat their veggies, maybe try to persuade them with some of these pros. And next time you don’t want to eat your veggies, you can use the cons as an excellent excuse, although you won’t eat nearly enough to be bad for you. Nobody must know that.


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