13 Bread Varieties

These are various types of bread together on a wood table.

Most cultures of the world have bread as part of their staple diet. To make bread, you only need flour and water, and sometimes a rising agent. Almost all types of grain can be used to make bread; however, wheat is the most commonly used grain in making varieties of bread.

This article will try to enlighten you with the wide varieties of bread that exist in this world. So, let’s have a look.

Types of Bread

1. White Bread

The common square-shaped bread, most often used for sandwiches, is white bread. Also called sandwich loaves, it is made from wheat flour, water, and yeast.

White bread has a soft to medium crust and a center that is fluffy. Buns of different shapes and sizes are also made from wheat flour and are used with various fillings like hotdogs, patties, either beef or chicken, or other kinds of sandwich fillings.

Wheat flour bread is less healthy than whole-wheat or whole-grain flour bread.

2. Baguette bread

They are also called French bread and are long. Its crust is crispy, and the center is soft. Some of these breadsticks can be up to a meter long!

These two are used for sandwich fillings, or you can also cut them in half and spread your favorite toppings, jams, or kinds of butter directly on the loaf and enjoy.

These are made from white wheat, but some bakeries make their baguettes from multigrain or sourdough.

3. Whole-Wheat Bread

Whole wheat bread, or wholemeal bread as it is sometimes referred to, is a healthy bread as it contains nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

It can be used for sandwiches or like chapatis too. Whole Wheat bread can be used with other ingredients for different textures and tastes.

4. Rye Bread

This bread is made from rye flour and is denser and heavier than plain white loaves of bread. Its high fiber content makes it really healthy and the carbohydrates found in rye bread help in balancing your blood glucose levels.

Rye bread can range in color from light brown to almost black. Mixed with other ingredients such as citrus peels, coriander seeds, mixed ground spices, or caramel, the rye bread flavor can be enhanced and changed.

Combine different kinds of rye bread with different cheeses, meats, or even fish for delicious little snacks!

5. Sourdough bread

A fermentation starter is used to make the dough of this bread rise. This results in the sour taste of the bread, which is the effect of the lactic acid that is formed during the fermentation process.

Sourdough bread has a chewy texture and a thick hard crust which can be enjoyed any time of the day due to its distinctive taste.

6. Multigrain Bread

The variety of multigrain bread depends on the grains and seeds that it contains. The grains used in these pieces of bread are good sources of fiber and vitamin Bs and are considered to be really nutritious. The use of pumpkin, sunflower, and flax seeds in making these breads adds to the nutritional value of this type of bread.

7. Brioche Bread

In order to create the Brioche bread, you need to add milk, butter, and eggs to the wheat dough. Brioche bread has a golden brown soft crust and can be sweet as well as savory.

Brioche pieces of bread are the best choice of bread to make French toasts and gourmet hamburgers.

8. Ciabatta Bread

A great Italian bread choice for sandwiches, toasted snacks, or paninis. It is what the French baguette is to the French people.

When cut into slices, large holes are visible in the bread. Olive oil is an additional ingredient in this white bread from Italy. Ciabattas are also made from whole wheat, and these are called Ciabatta Integrale.

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Types of Flatbread

Flatbreads are found globally in almost every culture. They can be cooked in many ways. They can be baked, fried in oil, cooked over coals, or in a pan.

Some of the most common flatbread varieties of the world are listed below;

1. Pita Bread

A round or oval-shaped wheat flatbread- the pita bread is very common and popular in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries.

Pita bread puffs up when baked, and then you can fill the centers of these slices of bread with various stuffings. Turkish people often use pita bread to fill it with meat and spicy sauces. They can also be used with dips when cut into small chip pieces.

2. Naan Bread

Naans are usually eaten with gravies and curries and are mostly found in India and Pakistan. The wheat flour of this bread is mixed with yeast and yoghurt. Sometimes pure ghee or butter is brushed over hot naan bread before eating them.

Use naan bread as a wrap for tortillas, or they can also be used as a base for various toppings.

3. Chapati or Roti Bread

No raising agents are added to the flour for this type of bread. Only wheat flour, water, and salt are used in the kneading of the dough for chapatis.

The small pieces of dough are rolled out into small and thin disc shapes, which are then cooked on a really hot skillet. They are most popular in the Asian countries of Pakistan and India, East Africa, and the Caribbean.

Chapatis are mostly used to eat with gravies and curries, lentils, and even just chutney and pickles.

4. Tortillas

Tortillas are flatbreads that come from Mexico. Tortillas are an essential part of Mexican cuisine.

They are used for various fillings of meat, cream, vegetables, or salsa, rolled into a wrap or folded before eating.

5. Matzo Bread

Matzo bread is made from wheat flour and water and is also called matza. This type of bread is a hard, cracker-like flatbread. Not just wheat flour, but other flours like oat, barley, rye, and spelt flour are also used to make matzo bread.

Matzo is regarded as an important bread in Jewish culture, where only plain matzo bread is used for the Jewish Passover Festival. However, matzo with garlic, various seeds, and onions are also consumed regularly in Jewish homes.

Final thoughts

Bread has been a part of the human diet for about 10,000 years now! They are filling and inexpensively available everywhere. The world out there has a wonderful variety of bread just waiting to be tried. So go ahead- make a change from your usual loaves of bread and try out a new kind of bread at your table today.

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