Best Raspberry Jam Brands

Raspberry jam with fresh raspberries.

There are many reasons why one may opt for raspberry jams. One of them being, raspberries are extremely healthy and are rich in nutrients. Another major benefit of using raspberry jam is because it is simply delicious. Thanks to the growing popularity of raspberries, many brands offer their version of raspberry jam, which can make choosing the best one really difficult, especially if you are getting raspberry jam for the first time. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. We have rounded up the best options that we could find and are presenting to you the best raspberry jams that deserve your tastebuds.

Smuckers’ Raspberry Jam

We were disappointed by Smuckers’ blackberry jam, which is why we’re thrilled to announce that the brand has struck gold with their red raspberry jam, which is on par with some of the best raspberry jams we have tasted so far. In terms of tartness, Smuckers even beats out other raspberry jam brands with its flavor and sugar content. If you happen to be in the Seattle area, go ahead and pick up the local brand. In short, if you like the seedless variety, Smuckers is definitely the way to go.


O Organics Raspberry Preserves 

O Organics raspberry jam offers not only the best tartness but also the best thickness of all the types of jam, without having an excessive quantity of seeds, which is always appreciated. Our only gripe is that it has 12 grams of sugar (yikes! if you’re trying to lose weight). But to be fair, this does seem to be the industry standard for commercial raspberry jams. Even if organic isn’t a priority for you, you can’t go wrong with keeping this jam on hand.

Signature Select Raspberry Preserves

The red raspberry preserves from Safeway demonstrate how hit-or-miss generics may be (which is why it’s so crucial to try them out). While the blackberry preserves from Signature Select lacked taste, the raspberry preserves were overflowing with tart sweetness. Signature Select’s product contains seeds, as do most preserves. Signature Select is a nice backup if you can’t find any raspberries in your neighbor’s orchards. But, it also comes with a hefty dose of sugar (around 12 grams).

For those of you who do not know, raspberries were originally cultivated under the Roman Empire, with the first plantation being established in England in the 16th century. They’ve long been known to be one of the most powerful antioxidant stores and being high in vitamins and low in sugar. Because raspberries do not continue to develop after being plucked, it is critical to grow them at the proper stage of maturity if you want to get a delicious raspberry jam. Harvested too early, the jam will be extremely sharp and sour; picked too late, the jam will be excessively sweet and have a somewhat fermented taste. Using the raspberry jam brands mentioned above should get you a raspberry jam that has a nice balance of sugary sweet and tarty flavor, which raspberries are known and loved for.

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