Best Plum Jam Brands

Plum jam, close up shot.

Plum Jam is a favorite of both adults and children! Plum jams are not only nutritious but also delicious. If you like jam and make your own, you’re probably familiar with how the process works. However, making homemade jam is not always possible because plums are out of season or you have a hectic work schedule. Then purchasing plum jam is your best option. This is also a good option because there are many different kinds of organic and fresh plum jams on the market.

Let’s take a look at some of the best plum jam brands available on the market.

Plum Jam by Alce Nero

Alce Nero manufactured deliciously original plum jam that is 100% organic. It is created from locally grown fresh plums and has no pectin added to it. This jam is entirely created using fresh fruit and a little grape and lemon juice. A jar of Alce Nero’s plum jam requires the same weight of fruit as the jam produced. A jar that weighs 270g requires the same grams of plums. The jam-making process begins before the plums are even picked. A lot of effort is put into agronomists working together with farmers and producing the highest quality fruits. Once the fruits are harvested, it is processed at low temperature to preserve its flavor. Due to these steps, the Alce Nero plum jam has the perfect taste and aroma, very similar to homemade jam with absolutely no sugar added to it.

Organic Black Plum Jam from Italian Harvest

This jam, made with organic black plums, is delicious. It is rich in vitamins and high in minerals. It also has laxative properties. This jam is produced using a very high amount of fruit. For example, 2.12 oz of fruit is used to create a 3.5 oz jar of jam. This jam’s sugar levels are also low. Only 1.41 oz of sugar is used to create a 3.5 oz jar. The Italian Harvest Black Plum Jam goes well with plain cookies and pound cake. You can also have it with creamy plain ice cream such as vanilla-flavored ice cream to make your desert more exciting. The plums used to make the Italian Harvest plum jam are grown in exclusive organic farms near Lake Bolsena in Italy. This lake is in the Lazio region of Italy, north of the city of Rome.

Tiptree Preserved Damson Plums

Tiptree has been growing fruit and making preserves in Essex County, England, since 1885. On the farm next to their factory, they grow a wide variety of traditional fruits. To satisfy their customers, they produce some of the highest quality preserves and marmalades.

Tiptree thrives on traditional methods, such as cooking the fruit in small batches in copper pans. This enables them to produce consistently high-quality results. They only make 150 jars of product in each batch. Tiptree’s Damson Plum Preserve contains no gluten. All of their jams are also made in a nut-free facility and are vegetarian-friendly.

Sugar Plum Jam from Stonewall Kitchen

Stonewall Kitchen’s sugar plum jam is ideal for breakfast and brunch. This jam has a wide range of applications. Spread it with butter on a slice of toast for breakfast, or pair it with your favorite slice of plain cake or vanilla ice cream. The deep flavor of this jam is further enhanced with a hint of orange to add a little more tang to your taste buds. Stonewall Sugar Plum Jam is also delicious with scones and biscuits and makes an excellent accompaniment to your evening tea.

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Dutch Kettle Damson Plum Jam

The Dutch kettle Damson plum Jam is made in the Amish Homemade Style. Each pint jar holds 2 to 19 oz of jam. You can also reuse these jars. The brand’s motto is ‘Because one just isn’t enough,’ alluding to the consumers’ fondness for these jams. Dutch Kettle Jams are made with all-natural fresh ingredients and contain no preservatives or genetically modified organisms. The Ditch Kettle Damson Plum Jam is made from the finest plums and is sure to make you fall in love.

Victoria Plum Preserve by Mrs. Bridges

Mrs. Bridges Victoria Plum Preserve is an old-fashioned English jam. In a jar, this brand immortalizes traditional British heritage and tradition. Only the finest ingredients are used to create this quintessentially British range of fine jams. Mrs. Bridges’ signature jar shape, combined with the traditional mop cap and bow, adds a touch of luxury to the product. Mrs. Bridges is also an excellent choice for food gifting, with over 50 individual products and a variety of seasonal gift packs. Mrs. Bridges products are now enjoyed as a treat by people all over the world, thanks to a great British tradition. Mrs. Bridges Jam range, at its core, delights and unites – from near and far, everyone can enjoy this quintessential taste of home.


These are some of the best Plum Jam brands on the market. If Plum Jam is your favorite, you should try them. These delectable jams can be served for breakfast, brunch, dessert, or as a snack. They can also be used as a topping for your favorite ice cream, creating the ideal after-dinner dessert.

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