Best. Giveaway. Ever. (You can win!)

Good morning my loves!
I have some very exciting news for you today that I think you’re going to dig!
Smoothe OperatorsNatasha Oliver & Erin Saccomano – are peddling their cute little butts off for a fundraising campaign to open their own smoothie truck in Southern Ontario that will feature locally sourced, seasonally available ingredients, by the most environmentally conscious and sustainable means possible.
Dude – they’re going to fuel the on-truck appliances with solar and super-cool bike-power. How cool is that?

Plus they utilize vegetable puns better than anyone I’ve ever met. You have to see it to believe it. This kind of social & environmental consciousness and wicked smarts need to be supported. And after you’ve heard all my ranting about Ontario being “Onterrible” for real food solutions, these gals are a couple of chicks I can really drink up! Bring on the koolaid!

If you aren’t sold yet… How about THIS:
It’s their belief that by leveraging relationships with local farmers, community gardens and advocating the “grow your own” movement, they can service the needs of Smoothe Operator as a business entity, as well as meet, and exceed the health needs of their customers and communities. They make this possible by:
  • Primarily sourcing seasonal, locally grown, organic produce from local farmers to make the most delicious smoothies & juices.
  • Fueling the truck with old vegetable-oil, or deep-fryer oil from local restaurants, otherwise known as bio-diesel.
  • Reconnecting people with their food by offering a blend-your-own-smoothie discount by using one of their super-cool bike-powered-blenders.
  • Fostering a sense of community through their incentive to grow-your-own-garden and they will blend the crap out of it. (Ok, maybe not the crap, but definitely all the good stuff!)
  • Implementing a no-waste policy: returning all pulp & scraps back to the soil, as well as serving up their delicious concoctions in fully biodegradable and/or reusable containers.
  • Supporting local businesses by carrying independent, third-party snacks & treats to “pear” with your drink.

 We can all get on board with that, right? I thought so! And just to entice you a little bit more (not that you need it because YOU are also super friggin awesome) Natasha, Erin and I are hosting a giveaway!

 One lucky person will win probably the most amazing kit I have ever seen in my life:

prize_packA Mason Jar Cup + Straw Combo, I’m a Smoothe Operator Sticker and  – wait for it – …. a “Lettuce Party” Tote Bag! Can you just SEE yourself at the farmer’s market or stolling down the street on a warm Summer day with that swag?? I totally can!
* Contest open to Canadian & American mailing addresses only. 

We want to get these fine ladies more action than would be typically accepted for someone of their moral standing – so you gotta share, share, share their campaign!
Tweet or Facebook their campaign to your followers as many times and as often as you like! Easy peasy! Then leave a comment here telling me your favorite thing about what they’re doing!
Every share gets you a new entry which means the more times you tweet or update – the more chances you have to win win win! You only have 3 days – so get on with it! Mention, share, tweet – let’s get these chicks the money they need to make a REAL difference in our neighborhood! Spam the crap outta your following – it’s only for 3 days, they’ll get over it.

MAKE SURE you include them on the shares – Twitter(@Smoothe_Op) or FB (Smoothe Operator) so we can follow up with your entry. Follow the links above to do so. 
You can’t be entered to win if we don’t know you’ve done it!

Now, while liking and following them doesn’t get you extra entries, but it DOES make you so much cooler. And who wouldn’t want to keep up with what these amazing women are up to?! They’re the shit.

Also, visit their Indiegogo Campaign! They have tons of amazing updates, videos, photographs and incentives for anyone who contributes to their cause. We talk a lot about real food and whether it’s accessible or not – now is your chance to join the movement and do something great. Let’s do it together! haha…”do it together”.

Giveaway closes Sunday Night at 11:59AM. 
Winner will be announced Monday morning.

Happy Sharing!


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