16 Apple Varieties (the Most Common Apples)

Apples hanging from a branch.

Are you attempting to figure out which apple variety is best for you? There are numerous options available. Apple growers are continuously generating new types to fit market interests, and 2021 is no exception. There are heirloom varieties that have been around for hundreds of years, and apple growers are continually creating new varieties to meet consumer demands. Scroll down to see a comprehensive list of apple varieties, along with the unique features and characteristics of each variety.

Number of Apple Varieties Across the World:

You won’t find this many apple varieties in the supermarket, but there are 7,500 varieties of the fruit in the world, with 2,500 of them grown within the US.

Where did they all come from, though? Top apple growers in the United States were largely focused on Red and Golden Delicious apples in the 1980s. Bruce Barritt, a horticulture at Washington State University, suggested developing new apple varieties at this time. Since then, there have been more varieties of apples available on the market.

Which apple is the most popular?

Please start the drums. The Red Delicious apple is the most popular. It was first grown in Iowa in the 1880s and is recognized for its vivid red color, crisp texture, and mild sweetness. Despite its detractors, the Red Delicious has maintained a stable level of popularity. However, it is expected that the Gala will soon take over the top slot, with Red Delicious moving to second and Granny Smith moving to third.

Apples of Various Varieties:

Pink Lady / Cripps Pink

Three Pink Lady apples on their branch.

Cripps Pink is a hybrid between Golden Delicious and Lady Williams that was developed in Western Australia. Its bright, striking color is enhanced by brisk fall nights. Cripps Pink is a popular retail name for Cripps Pink, which is available from November to August.

Apple Kiku

This vibrant apple has a solid and juicy flesh that is crunchy and delicious. Enjoy as a snack, in homemade applesauce, or as a sweet crunch in a salad or grilled cheese quesadilla!


Empires first aired in New York (also known as the Empire State) in 1966. The Agriculture-Experiment station of the city developed a hybrid between Red Delicious and McIntosh. This juicy and crisp apple possesses a delectable sweet-tart flavor along with a white and creamy flesh, which makes it a versatile fruit. From July to September, establish your Empire.

Apple Fuji

Fuji apples in a basket.

Skin is light green with a tinge of mild reddish orange. This huge, solid fruit is a delicious sweet treat.


This New Zealand-bred apple is a hybrid between Golden Delicious and the Kidd Orange Red. This royal strain has been named after Queen Elizabeth II, since she declared this variety her favorite during a tour to New Zealand. The Gala was introduced to the US during the initial years of the 1970s, and has since become an immensely popular variety across the entire country. Gala is perfect for snacking because it is crisp and juicy, and highly sweet. Galas come in a variety of colors, including cream, and yellow and red stripes. Galas produced in the United States are picked starting in mid-July and are normally available all year.

Apple of Envy:

The Envy Apples are incredibly sugary. They’ll keep their color for a long time after you’ve cut them. Try them in salads or with cheese.

Delicious Golden

Golden Delicious is “Apple Lite,” with a pink blush on occasion, and is preferred by those who want a mild, sweet flavor. This apple isn’t tart at all; instead, it has a buttery, honey flavor that is sure to please. Mix with extra tart apples like Granny Smiths and bake into apple pies and crisps. It’s a terrific flavor combination that appeals to all of your senses all year long.

Apple Honeycrisp

A huge, sweet, and juicy apple that’s perfect for snacking. It has a crisp texture that keeps in the refrigerator for a long time.

Smith, Granny

Granny Smith apples on a wooden background.

“Granny” Anne Smith of Ryde, New South Wales, discovered this Australian native as a chance seedling in 1868. It’s possible that one of the parents was a French crabapple. Grannies are recognized for their sour flavor and unusual green skin, which often has a red blush. Grannies are a versatile apple that may be eaten as a snack or used in pies and sauces. Grannies are harvested in the United States beginning in August and are available all year.

Apple Ambrosia

Over a creamy yellow background, there’s a bright, almost iridescent pink blush. This fragrant, low-acid apple has a pleasant aroma.


John McIntosh identified this old, well-known cultivar as a chance seedling in 1811. It has a deep crimson color with a green tinge to it. The soft, white flesh of the McIntosh is juicy, acidic, and sour. It’s ideal for eating, as well as for making applesauce, although some people like it in pies as well. From September to May, this apple is usually accessible. Cook’s tip: McIntosh cooks down quickly; if creating a pie, cut thick slices or use a thickening.

Apple Gala

Skin that is creamy yellow with pink to reddish streaks. It’s a great snack because of its peculiar sweet flavor.

Deliciously red

The most well-known apple variety in the United States was developed in Iowa in the 1870s. The color of this tasty, crunchy, juicy apple ranges from streaked red to full midnight crimson. The shape of Western Red Delicious is elongated, with noticeable “feet.” Delicious varieties growing in the east are rounder. Fresh or in salads, this apple is finest.

Apple, Sweetie

Sweetie combines the greatest qualities of both parents: Gala’s outstanding sugars and Braeburn’s firm-crisp texture, but with its own distinct flavor.

Apple Opal

The skin is a medium size, nearly iridescent yellow, with russeting at the stem. It has a sweet taste and a slightly tangy finish, with a soft yet crisp flesh. Pies, tarts, cakes, and muffins benefit from their crisp texture.

Apple Jazz

New Zealand apples are tangy, sweet, and incredibly juicy. They have a great crunch and are great for snacking and salads. In the fridge or on the counter, they’ll keep crisp for weeks.

So, which is the better option?

It depends on whether you’re nibbling on apples, creating apple pies, preparing applesauce, or tossing them into salads. Apples like Golden Delicious and Granny Smith are noted for being adaptable enough to be used in a variety of ways. If you’re looking for a snack apple, Galas, Pink Ladies, and Honeycrisps seem to be the most popular.

How fresh are the apples present in stores?

When apples are picked in an orchard, they are put into bushels, washed, sized, sorted, and packed the same day. They’re then placed in refrigerated storage. The apples are transported from storage to retail store shelves within a few days or less to maintain freshness. The apples you buy at the shop are, without a doubt, very fresh.

Apple-based dishes include the following:

Pie with apples:

With an amazing handmade apple-pie filling, this is a recipe for the classic kind of apple pie. This dish always gets rave reviews, from the generous juicy centre to the flakiest crust of pie you will ever taste, this is the Thanksgiving pie that everyone must prepare!

From Baked Apples to Apple Slab Pie and, of course, Apple Cake, we love apple dishes. If you are an apple lover, you simply cannot afford to not give this pie a shot!

Recipe 1

Recipe 2

Recipe 3

Recipe 4

Recipe 5

Cake with Apples:

For this recipe, make sure to use baking apples. Baking apples keep their structure in the oven, so the chunks of fruit don’t become applesauce. Granny Smith, Honey Crisp, Pink Lady, Braeburn, and Jonagold are all tart-sweet varieties to consider. Mix and match different types for a more complex flavor. This French apple cake is the epitome of simplicity, with bits of sweet apples nested in a delicate and buttery rum cake.

Recipe 1

Recipe 2

Recipe 3

Recipe 4

Recipe 5

Crisp Apples:

This simple apple crisp is cooked the old fashioned manner, just like Grandma used to, and is delicious with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of salted caramel sauce!

This quick apple crisp dish is reminiscent of decades past and is a truly classic Fall dessert. Place this apple crisp in the oven and wait for the wonderful aroma to fill your home!

Recipe 1

Recipe 2

 Recipe 3

Recipe 4

Recipe 5

Sauce made with apples:

Delicious recipe for homemade applesauce! There’s nothing like homemade applesauce prepared with freshly harvested apples, and it’s so simple to make! The acidity of the lemon or vinegar enhances the flavor of the apples while also balancing out the sweetness of the sauce. The end result is a light and tasty applesauce. You may make cranberry applesauce by combining fresh cranberries with the apples, or rhubarb applesauce by combining rhubarb stalks with the apples. Apple sauces can also include plums and pluots.

Recipe 1

Recipe 2

Recipe 3

Recipe 4

Recipe 5

Final Word:

To conclude, if you are an apple enthusiast, we hope that this blog, outlining and discussing all the different popular and not-so-popular varieties of apples, will prove helpful and informative for you. In addition, if you wanted to know about a few apple-related recipes, we hope that the blog has got you covered in that regard as well.

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