We make food to nourish, inspire, delight and to respect all of the hands that touch it.

We select ingredients and create menu items with a spirit of exploration, frugality, humor and conservation. We cook with a rural mentality in a very urban setting.


We buy fruit and vegetables at the height of their seasons and cook or bake with them right away to capture their fresh flavors. We celebrate their abundance when they’re available and take them off the menu when they’re done. We optimize the bounty of key crops by drying, pickling and preserving them for use throughout the year. Have a look at our menu page or download our menu here.


In the kitchen, we challenge ourselves to use the whole vegetable to avoid wasting good food. Many of our small batch savory fillings are inspired by this ethic, and taste all the better for it.


Our ingredients come from nearby farm lands where crops are raised with care for land, people, freshness and taste. Our meats come from Marin and Sonoma ranchers whose operations are animal welfare approved and certified organic. We use both bones and vegetable scraps to make our stocks to capture all nutrients and flavors possible.


We buy from producers and distributors who hold high standards of ecological and human health stewardship at all steps of the journey from field or range to kitchen and table. We promote the stories and practices of these critical, hard-working local farms and ranches that are on the front line of conservation – reducing the waste of non-renewable resources that are both used as agricultural chemicals in conventional fields and in shipping foods long distances. When we do generate waste, more than 85% is compostable.

Our full menu is available every day at Mission Pie from morning to night.