13 Amazing {real food} Holiday Entree Recipes You Must Try

Let’s get some holiday meat in your mouths! (…didn’t I warn you about innuendo?)
For reals! This is the main course – the main event – the Mains! We’re 6/7ths of the way thorough the Holiday Recipe Round Up and so far, I’m hungry. I’m hungry for your cocktails, for your appetizers and snacks, for your vegetables, for your potatoes, for your sauces and sides, and now? Now I’m hungry for your entrees! 
What is that traditional, oh so eloquent and highly refined culinary expression? Oh right: Nom nom nom nom nom!
You guys have served me up a stellar collection of entrees to share with our families and friends this holiday season – everything from meat to vegetables to a varying combination of the two. So let’s get started, shall we?

If you missed the opportunity to submit your best entree recipes, never fear! There’s a linky tool at the bottom of the features where you can include your posts now!

How do you roll on Christmas day? Do you vamp it up traditional with turkey? Do you cook game? Are there vegetarians in your household? How do you accommodate them? 

If you missed the opportunity to be showcased here, link up below! 
I want your BEST holiday entrees & mains!

Come back tomorrow for the final course in the Holiday Recipe Round Up series: dessert!


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