11 Amazing {real food} Holiday Potato Recipes You Must Try

One of the economical, most simple, and most tasty things you can put into a meal is the lowly potato.



It’s so organic, so basic, so perfect and can be prepared in almost as many ways as heaven, err, pork, how can you NOT love eating them??

The problem with something so naturally perfect though, is that it’s deceivingly easy to mess it up. Smash mashed potatoes too long, they go gloopy; forget to season them with salt and pepper they’re terribly bland; try to bake with the wrong one, you won’t get that perfect crispy skin.

Potatoes: Bitch of an easy lay, am I right?

That being said, you do ’em well, they’re absolutely divine. Maybe it’s the potato itself, maybe it’s the fact that I’m from Alberta (shhhh, don’t tell anyone), but either way, I love me a good potato. And I’m willing to bet your holiday dinner guests do too.

Here are 11 amazing holiday potato recipes that are worthy of making it to your dinner table this Christmas season.

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Crispy-Roasted-PotatoesCrispy Roasted Potatoes

How do you like your starch?

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