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Pot Pies

Our pot pies make a hearty meal for one for $8.50. Making pot pies gives us a way to explore various cultural cuisines through local ingredients. In addition to our traditional chicken pot pie (made with Mary’s Organic Chicken) you may find a vegan Moroccan lentil pot pie,  a Niman Ranch beef tamale pie, or a ratatouille pot pie. Pot pies are enjoyed in our café or taken home for an easy supper.


POSTED BY missionpie ON March 22, 2011 IN Our Food.

2 Responses to “Pot Pies”

  1. October 12, 2014 at 5:27 am, Carol said:

    It’s my sister’s bday and she loves pot pie. She’s a vegetarian, loves cheese… does the ratatouille pot pie have cheese or meat? Do you ever write Happy Birthday on your pies? I am in Philly and will be having a friend pick it up…

    Thanks for making pies. Wish you were in philly.


  2. October 25, 2014 at 4:08 pm, missionpie said:

    Hi Carol.
    Sorry we missed the moment on your birthday question. Our vegan pot pie is always truly vegan, so the vegan ratatouille pot pie did not have cheese in it. We offer a poultry pot pie, a second meat pot pie, and a vegan pot pie daily. For future reference, our pot pies are hearty single serving pies, and we don’t make a large format pot pie. We don’t write messages on our pies, but we can write messages on the boxes. It’s easier to catch us by phone than via the website for specific questions about ingredients or ordering remotely. Our phone numbers are 415-282-1500 and 415-282-4PIE(4743).

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