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Galpin Farms

We really appreciate the early season stone fruit grown by Galpin Farms. Located in Dinuba, California, 220 miles southeast of Mission Pie, Anthony and Lisa Galpin grow extraordinarily delicious stone fruit, and stand as an outstanding example of family farm succession planning.

Jim and Norma Regier began Regier Farms in 1974 with a 20 acre peach orchard and a lot of hope.  That hope quickly diminished as commercial farming became all about quantity and size, and less about quality and taste.

As necessity breeds invention, Norma set out on a new frontier around 1980: the farmers’ market.  These small, community based markets became a place where the Regier family could proudly bring the consumer truly tree-ripe produce, which is good for both customers and the farmer.  Anthony and Lisa Galpin, daughter and son-in-law to Jim and Norma Regier, also caught the farming fever, and set out on their own with 20 acres of peaches, apricots, mandarins, oranges, and table grapes.  They farm with only their direct customers in mind, as every piece of fruit is carefully picked the day before, for optimum ripeness and quality.  “We take pride in our produce, and our farm, and we hope you enjoy our fruit as much as we do!”


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