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Greetings, writers and publishers:

If you would like to include Mission Pie in a story, article, blog, or book, please consider the following:

There are several pieces written and published, both in print and online, that mischaracterize our business. If you draw from sources other than our website or the business owners, you risk publishing inaccurate information.

Erroneous references include, and may not be limited to, characterizations of Mission Pie as owning a farm, being owned by a farm, being a “partner” or “sister business” to a farm, being run by high-school students, being a co-op or collective, sourcing all ingredients from one farm, being a non-profit organization. We request that you avoid drawing information from articles with these data as they are inaccurate

We would appreciate you drawing information for your piece from direct conversation with us and from our website, and fact-checking with us all published pieces that describe Mission Pie beyond the most basic business name and contact info. Please contact us by email [email protected] or by phone 415.282.1500 or 415.282.4PIE.

If you do write or publish something inaccurate, we will ask you to retract it.

Thank you,

Krystin Rubin and Karen Heisler


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