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Community Grains

Community Grains is working to help rebuild a local grain economy in Northern
California. This enterprise grew out of the observation that, while California produces
a lot of wheat, it is grown within an industrial structure—mega-scale systems of seed
development, farming, milling, cleaning, and end-use that detach consumers from the
wheat they eat. Community Grains has imagined an alternate structure in which farmers,
seedsmen, millers, bakers, and cooks interact with one another, embracing food as an
interdependent system. These relationships rely on transparency, and Community Grains
works to provide an information-base for understanding grains, milling, and flour use.
Their products include the grain in its entirety, milled without separating the germ,
bran, and endosperm. Cooking and baking with whole-grains is a distinctly different
experience than with industrial, all-purpose white flour. The Community Grains model
demonstrates how smaller-scale, local food structures empower the consumer to be
intentional about the origins and quality of food.


POSTED BY missionpie ON March 30, 2011 IN Our Sources.

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