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We are a for-profit business that cares about fairness.

We feel successful when a colleague finishes a work-day inspired and gratified, when a vendor says their business is healthier for working with us, or when a customer comments on the generosity of their experience at Mission Pie. We want your visit to delight your senses, and to leave you well-nourished and with new understanding about the food on your plate. We invite you to discover the flavors in our seasonal menu, and the example of a thriving for-profit business that contributes to its community’s health through action and example.

Your good experience at Mission Pie requires that we source the highest quality foods, which gives us many opportunities each day to deal fairly and respectfully with other businesses. In addition to the quality of their goods, we seek out farms and distributors with values and commitments that inspire us. We make our sourcing decisions thoughtfully in order to make the most of the assets we have as a small business. Each business decision is an opportunity to improve the health and well-being of our world, our neighborhood and our staff.

There are many benefits to buying directly from farms, and we have direct purchase relationships with several. Buying direct from a farm reduces the transit time for produce, and generally allows for harvest when fruits are at their ripest. Secondly, when we buy direct from a farm, that farmer gains a larger fraction of the food dollar, which can be particularly meaningful for smaller scale farmers with less access to the wholesale market. We enjoy buying from farms where the scale of our purchasing represents a meaningful contribution to the stability and health of that farm’s economy.

We believe that a healthy relationship to work is key to a satisfying life. More than half of our staff are under 25, and are forming their foundation relationship to work. We invest in our staff’s growth and compensation and hope that they will be ambassadors of health, fairness, and competence in future jobs. In addition, we collaborate with non profits that seek to reduce barriers to employment by hosting their clients as interns. Interns gain transferable job skills while working on our team, while our staff develop mentorship and leadership skills.

We love the Mission District for its diversity and accessible, vibrant street life and its neighborhood pride. The big sliding windows of our green-certified bakery and the rotation of community artists’ work on our walls connect us to our place. Since we opened in 2007, our neighbors have been generous, joining in the planting and care of the sidewalk garden, and we are fortunate and proud to have a beautiful mural by the San Pancho Art Collective on the alley side of the building.


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