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Hale’s Apple Farm

Dave Hale is a 5th generation farmer. He farms the same land as his great-great-
grandfather, off of Gravenstein Highway in Sebastopol. Gravenstein is a tart and
versatile early season apple, and an apt address for Hale’s Apple Farm, which grows 30
varieties of apples. Dave’s favorite? The King of Tompkins. But we take advantage of
a range of Dave’s apple, from tart to sweet, green to yellow to red, brilliant pink to white
flesh. Dave Hale teaches us that, sometimes, farming responsibly does not mean farming
organically. When growing fresh market apples, a farmer like Dave cannot afford to
throw away a large percentage of his crop. To keep his apples unblemished and prices
low, Dave uses a small amount of spay to prevent against warm damage, catching worms
at egg hatch. This enables Dave to produce consistently high quality and affordable
crop. We enjoy a long season of Hale’s apples, from August’s Gravenstien through to
November’s Black Twig.


POSTED BY missionpie ON March 30, 2011 IN Our Sources.

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