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Marin Sun Farms

David Evans is the founder and owner of Marin Sun Farms, an extension of his family’s farming heritage. The mission of Marin Sun is to actively participate in the creation of a more sustainable food model and an agrarian culture that restores, conserves, and maintains the productivity of our landscape and the health of its inhabitants.  Evans produces local, pasture based food, raising 100% grass fed beef, lamb, goat, pork, and chickens on his ranch properties in Marin County, and co-produces livestock with other ranches within the Bay Area food shed.  Livestock raised with fresh air, sunshine, and fresh pasture, produce the highest quality, best tasting meats.  On Marin Sun Farms, livestock grazes in planned rotations that mimic natural processes on the landscape—providing the disturbance, nutrients, and rest/recovery needed to build soil, enhance biodiversity, and harvest solar energy.  Livestock feeds on this pasture, converting stored solar energy within pasture plants into delicious and nutritious meats.




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