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Good Humus Produce

Good Humus Produce is a 20 acre diversified farm in Capay, California, 106 miles northeast of Mission Pie in one of the valleys among the rolling hills just West of Davis. We look forward to late spring every year when the Good Humus Royal Blenheim apricots ripen, and after the apricots, we enjoy a series of peach and nectarine varieties.

Jeff and Annie Main founded Good Humus in 1976, and, among a small community of pioneering organic farmers in their area, also helped to start the Davis Farmers Market, which is a key component of Good Humus’ marketing. They also distribute their produce and fruit through Community Supported Agriculture, and a small number of wholesale customers. Because Good Humus prioritizes direct market selling, their fruit is harvested ripe, and we are hard pressed to find more consistently delicious stone-fruit.

From the beginning, Jeff and Annie wanted to stay local, and to deliver food to their community. Diversity has always been key to Good Humus, from an economic perspective, when one crop fails there are other to provide stability. Diversity also means never ending harvest, and work for the farm crew year round, which is a meaningful contribution to the economic stability for the local community. In addition to the array of vegetables and orchard crops, and the farm’s diversity has also expanded into hedge rows and native planting which has created a natural habitat around the farm.

Like an increasing number of small farms, Good Humus has an community-education program, mostly with local elementary schools during the school year and with a long-standing relationships with Environmental Traveling Companions (ETC) in the summer.



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