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Rancho Gordo

It was a search for good ingredients that led Steve Sando to found Rancho Gordo, a specialty food supplier based out of Napa.  Rancho Gordo debunks the misconception that a bean is just a bean.  Unlike uniform supermarket beans, Heirloom varieties like the Scarlett Runner, Christmas Lima, and Black Valentine, remind eaters that beans are wildly dimensional, and each variety is uniquely colorful, flavorful, textured, and aromatic.  Sando works with growers to produce legumes and other crops native to the New World, yet lost in a Euro-centric diet.  When possible, this means supporting Northern California agriculture.  Sando travels to Mexico and Central America to seek out rare and robust legumes and herbs, returning home to test out varieties in his trail gardens.  This work has enabled the development of a substantial seed bank, and Sando shares seeds through the Seed Savers Exchange.  Rancho Gordo is creating a marketplace for the resurrection of long-lost ingredients.


Rancho Gordo

POSTED BY missionpie ON March 30, 2011 IN Our Sources.

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